How To Delete Quicktime History On Mac?

how do you find control panel on a mac?

I need to delete quicktime fully from my mac and i don't know where to go to find and delete it.

Just drag QuickTime to the Trash to uninstall.

Problems with Quicktime?

Hi guys, so any time my computer wants to open quicktime, it wont. Also, any time i try to delete QT, it doesnt show up in my "add/delete programs," so i try to download it, but my computer then pops up with a window that says "you already have a newer version of QT installed on your computer" is this a virus, or how can i fix this? i go to search on my computer, look for quicktime, and there's a whole bunch of files. i try to delete them, and some will delete and some wont. p.s. explain in simple terms pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase. computer illiterate when it comes to the technical stuff!

Hello UNCBballGirl,

I'm sorry that you're having problems with QuickTime. I'm not sure which version of Mac OS X that you are using and which versions of Quicktime that you've got. I'm using Tiger (Mac OS 10.4.8) and my version of QuickTime Player is 7.1.3.

You can find out which version your QuickTime Player is by single clicking on the QuickTime Player icon and then going up to the File > Get Info menu command. A little window will come up with all the information about that program.

If you've got the Mac OS earlier than Tiger you can do a search using the File > Find... menu command and type in QuickTime. Usually, your QuickTime Player application is in the Applications Folder on your Macintosh HD. Simply drag that into the trash and hit the empty trash.

Normally when you install the newest QuickTime Player, it will automatically update the older QuickTime.

I know that there are some QuickTime PLists (your preferences settings) files located in the Library folders, but I have never messed with them. You've also got an older version of Quicktime in the Applications (Mac OS 9) file folders. That is usually not effected. I wonder if maybe you're trying to use the older classic version of QuickTime by mistake?

I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help. If I could make a suggestion. Why don't you see if there is a local Macintosh Users Group located in your area. Go to some of their meetings and you could find someone close by who could help you for free. You can check them out here:

Otherwise go to your local Macintosh dealer and see what the problem is. Best of luck to you.

How can you delete quicktime player form mac?

About instructions of deleting quicktime player.

It's required to watch any type ofvideo besides in iPhoto and iTunes.

How do I view Quicktime videos?

On the online course I'm taking, there are a bunch of quicktime videos embedded into this webpage, but they won't play. All they do is show the Quicktime sign, and if sometimes they'll even freeze up my computer. My computer says it already has Quicktime downloaded, but I can't view these videos. How do I get my computer to look at these videos?

I would say reinstall it or try this.

download the one that is right for your computer and then see if that works. if not . install it again , delete all history in your browser and try it again if not tell me.

how do you permanently delete your history on a mac laptop?

I know that when you're online you can click delete history or whatever but does that really permanently delete it? In other words, how do you completely restart your computer system, like it's brand new?

If you want to just remove your Internet history then choosing to delete it will permanently delete it, even after a reboot. There is no way of getting it back unless you have a BackUp system like Time Machine. In future if you want to browse the web without your mac saving the history click on Safari in the menu bar, and click Private Browsing.
If you want to delete all your files on your mac (photos, music etc) like a brand new computer then do a system recovery through the System Preferences.

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