How To Delete Bookmarks?

How do i delete bookmarks on the IPhone 5?

After the IOS 7 upgrade, all the bookmarks that i save, save in a different place than before. First they would save under bookmarks, now they save on the new page screen. How do i delete those and how do i make new bookmarks save under Bookmarks? Read the the txt u Moran

To delete a bookmark:

1. Open Safari
2, Click the Bookmarks icon (a little book)
3. On the bookmark you want to delete, swipe your finger from right to left and a delete button should appear.
4. Click the Delete button, and that's you done.

Why do deleted bookmarks still appear in the drop down?

When I delete bookmarks from the main bookmarks screen it does not delete them from the drop down when I click on "bookmarks" I'm told that they are still archived. How can they be taken out of the archive? They are a nuisance when looking for one that you want.

They are stored in two or more places, so delete them from the drop-down list as well, the usual way (right-click and select Delete)

om my mac, how do I remove websites that I have bookmarked on the "popular" drop down menu?

On the bookmark "bar" I can right click and delete, but on the "popular" drop down menu, I can't right click and delete, there seems to be no way to delete these.

You have to go to Bookmarks > Organize bookmarks. You can then delete the bookmarks you want to delete. I know, I'm thinking of the same thing when I use a Mac because I'm used to Window's menu system where you can delete bookmarks by right clicking on it on the menu.

How to delete bookmarks on a kindle?

How do you delete internet bookmarks on a basic Kindle? :( I've tried a lot of thing and nothing really seems to work... Help, please!

If it is a Touch Kindle or a Fire, on the bookmarks screen, place and HOLD your finger on the one you want to delete. A menu will appear with a DELETE option.

If your Kindle is NON-touch, cursor down to highlight the bookmark you want to delete, press left-cursor (or tilt cursor stick left on oldest model) and this should give you a prompt to delete the bookmark. That is how you delete books on the Kindle Keyboard model - it works for web bookmarks too.

How do you delete bookmarks from your facebook?

i want to add another bookmark to my facebook but i have to much. how do u delete bookmarks cause i have a ton of crappy ones PLZ HELP THANKZ

On the right end of all of your bookmarks, you can roll over an X to delete them.

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