How To Change Ink Cartridge Epson Cx7400?

for the epson stylus cx7400 - Will a full black cartridge work in the color cartridge slot?

Also, can I inject ink into an empty color cartridge for the epson stylus cx7400?

I'm guessing your color cartridge is empty and the printer does not want to work without having something in its slot, yes?

Question 1) Most likely no. You can always try it but I wouldn't recommend it.

Printer manufacturers often make their color cartridges a different size from the black ones - both for capacity reasons and to prevent confusion on which cartridge goes in which slot. Also, most newer printers can tell the difference between a color and black cartridge based on the encoding in the cartridge (for lack of a better term). If you turn over your ink cartridge you should see a copper/metallic looking strip this allows the cartridge to interface with the printer and provides both ink volume and cartridge type data.

Question 2) Generally you can can refill an empty cartridge. You will need to buy a special kit to inject the ink into the cartridge. The process can sometimes be messy. Also the new ink may be of inferior quality and gum up the printer over time (rare but can happen).

Other Options:
1) Place the empty color cartridge back in the printer and change the printer's properties to Black and White. Open Control Panel -> Printers & Faxes (may be named different depending on your OS) -> Right click on your printer and select Properties. Option may be either in the General tab under Preferences or the Advanced or Color Managment tabs. (Sorry, I don't have an Epson so the screen will be different.) There is usually an option in there to select the color quality or type and change it to Black and White or Monochrome.

2) Search the internet for a bargan brand ink cartridge. Staples and Cartridge World usually sell re-manufactured ink cartridges that are cheaper than the manufacturer's brand.

3) Buy a color ink cartridge. You knew that already, but I had to include for completeness.

I hope this helps.

How do I take the whole catridge out of my printer?

I took my old ink out and i didn't put the new ink in till 2 months later so while there was no ink in there it dried out my nozzles and it wont print and I was told I need to take the whole cartridge out and clean the nozzles with alcohol. So ya....How do I get the cartridge out of a Epson CX7400 printer?

I use WINDEX, yes the window cleaner. It will not harm the printer and will dissolve the most times. Go to this website where you can buy a cleaning kit with instructions. While you're at it take a look at their CISS for your printer.
The weeno website states to do 15-20 cleaning cycles. That will cost you lots of money for ink cartridges. Get a CISS for your printer. It will save you TONS of MONEY, never change a cartridge again and it will pay for itself in a month.

How to get my Epson CX7400 to work? It say's "printer is not ready" but ink is full and everything is on?

The pop up message says "printer is not ready" check all connections and make sure all devices are on. I recently re-filled the ink, and I let it charge up correctly.(and yes the printer is on and plugged in) I don't know what else to do......???

You need to Reset the Chips in the cartridges. For that you need a Chip Resetter if you can find one. It's a pain in the ass so I got myself a CISS.
Get a CISS for your printer. It will save you TONS of MONEY, never change a cartridge again and it will pay for itself in a month.

how can oi print a document even with missing ink cartridges?

i have an Epson Stylus CX8400 Series. i want to print a document in black and white, however, i cannot proceed past the print screen because it wants me to change ink cartridges, my black cartridge is just fine however. i would assume i could print the document regardless of missing ink cartridges. is this possible? if so, how?

sadly Epson has programmed most of their printers to only work when ALL ink cartridges are full. So this means that your printer will not work until you replace the color cartridge too.

Does anyone have an epson nx400 printer or knows about printers?

If so i need to know how i can change the size of printing so i can be able to print on the back of paper CD sleeves! If not do i have to download a program so im able to do so? please help!

First, what you need is software to print CD sleeves. It is not printer specific. Here is a list of links. You can find more by googling print cd sleeves freeware

Second, I have a CX8400 which uses the same cartridges as yours. If you want to save a lot on ink, has cartridges for about $4.50 each. They also have a unique product - a two-piece cartridge where the ink is in a separate tank inside the cartridge. When the ink runs out, you replace just the ink tank and the original chip resets itself to full. By keeping the same chip, you save 1.50 per cartridge. Ink tanks are only $3 and hold 50% more ink than disposable cartridges.

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