How To Center Google Adsense Ads?

What are some google adsense alternatives?

I need to display ads on my website. However, it is a non-traditional website and the ads displayed for adsense recognize incorrect keywords. I need to find alternatives to google adsense that allows me to specify keywords manually and then displays ads based on that. Any ideas?

There are many

Yahoo Search Marketing
Microsoft Ad center

And many more

Google Ads?

I want to know about the ads and what I can do with them for my site, . Can I really get money for them? How much?

If you want to place Google Ads on your site to earn money, then you should join Google AdSense.

After you're approved for Google AdSense, you just have to copy and paste the generated code on your blog anywhere you want ads to show, for example at your sidebar. Google will take care of the rest by dishing out suitable ads for your blog. When visitors click on the ads, you will get paid. The amount varies, because its depends on the ad shown. It could be as low as USD$0.01 to about USD$1 (there's no limit, really, but it usually falls between the two values).

For more information and stuff you might want to know before getting started, check out .

Google ads sence?

how strict is google ad sence on what your site and hoe does it work I am talking about the google ad service that when you have a website other people have there ads on your site so you get paid?

Google Adsense is free and basically puts ads on your website or blog.
Whenever anyone clicks on those ads, you get a payment. Generally it is quite small and you really need a lot of traffic, say at least 1000 visitors per day to your site before you may see any real income. This is based on statistically 1% - 2% of your visitors clicking on Google Adsense ads.
Here is a link to their information site:
You cannot use the ads on all sites (pornography, drugs etc. are banned) also you cannot click on your own ads or ask or encourage others to do the same.
All the information is on their site.
Regards, Zyfert

My youtube and google adsense acconuts are linked and i am qualified for adsense. What to do next?

My Youtube and Google Adsense accounts have been linked and i have qualified for Adsense. What do i do next so that ads start appearing in my channel?

If you want to get some kind of revenue from your Google Adsense then make site popular over internet because more no. of visitors to your website means more no. of click on the ads appearing on your website ultimately these ads will convert into revenue for your website.

the ads in my website are displayed by google. i want to know wether they are CPM or CPC? and how do i change?

my website has been designed by a company. Now it has left its business. I have some google ads from the beginning of my website. Now i want to know weather the ads are of CPM or CPC? how can i know it? and how can i change the way i want?

By default, ads showing in your website are CPC ads.
You can allow or decline the CPM ads by:
1. Login to your adsense
2. Adsense setup
3. Ad review Center

You can change the detail there, you can allow CPM ads to be displayed or denied.

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