How To Cancel Runescape Membership?

How can i cancel my runescape membership?

i cant cancel my runescape membership every time i try to do so it says that the page wont open so how do i cancel the membership?

2 ways to cancel your member ship.
1. go to your account and click account magement there will be a button saying cancel my subscription.

2. e-mail jagex and tell him to do it for you at or

What would happen if I canceled my Runescape Membership before it ends?

I just bought one month of runescape membership with a credit card. I dont want it to charge the credit card aging for membership in a month. So I was wondering if i could cancel the membership? Would that end the membership or would I still be a member until a month from now?

You're paying for a month, so you'll get a month no matter how soon you cancel. So if you buy membership today, cancel a few minutes later, you still get to play for a month. Be sure to cancel at least a week before the end of your month since they can charge you for the next month about five days before the next billing cycle (this is to ensure you have time to fix any charge issues so you're membership won't be interrupted). Note when you're membership is due to end so you have time to clean out your bank and equip yourself with f2p items.

What happens when I cancel my membership on Runescape?

I have a membership on Runescape and I want to know what will happen if I cancel it. Will it cancel my account all together? What happens to my stuff? Will I still be able to play as a nonmember? If you're wondering why, I am about to start school and don't want to be distracted from my work. When I get situated in school I would also want to start it back up. Is that possible? Thank you for all of you time and help!

well sweetheart, you wont lose anything together with your account if you just wanna cancel your membership on runescape.However, if member ship is cancelled, those member stuff in your bank is not available to use until you recharge your membership again.But those stuff already on you is still there unless you take them off. Whats more,it will limit the quantity of your bank stuff to 68 if you cancel the membership and you cannot even put any one of the stuff to bank if your items in bank are already more than 68. Anyway honey, you can still play as a free player and you can also play as a member whenever you upgarde your account again. Wish you a happy time at school~!

How long does it take to cancel a runescape subscription?

I just canceled my runescape sub. So i tried to check if im still a mem and tried to logg onto a mem world. When i did, it let me straight on! how long does it take to cancel a membership?

ehhhhh. it doesnt completely cancel your membership. Remember, you pay monthly, meaning you deserve all 30 days of membership that youve paid for. Therefore, your membership expires when the number of member days remaining does after you canceled your membership. of course.
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when i cancel my Runescape membership, will I lose the days i paid for?

I want to cancel my RS membership but i dont want to lose the days i paid for. and since they charge you 3 days in advance i need to know if i cancel my account, will it instantly go back to nonmember or will i still get the days i paid for? thanks

You will get the days you pay for. If you log in to Runescape, under membership, it would say "automatic charge" (or something similar to that, I haven't played in a while), but after you cancel it, it'll say, you have this many days remaining. After it goes to 0, you're automatically teleported to Lumbridge (if you're standing in a member's only zone), and you lose access to all your members options (you'll keep all the items/progress).

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