How To Cancel Rta Etag?

My son was involved in a RTA causing £1000 damage. A week later the car was written off in another RTA?

Does the person liable for the initial damage still have to pay my son for the damage to his car caused in the first accident?

Doesn't have much luck, does he? My view on this is that if the original accident was accurately assessed at £1000 and didn't involve write off status, then your son should be put back in the position that he was in before the accident which is the basis of insurance. Hence the claimed negotiated at £1000. That is entirely unrelated to the second RTA which I gather has put the car beyond uneconomic repair.

Could you check this please?!?

Please go to And scroll down to the heading Future of RTE. Can you please tell me what it says after ''RTÉ International is a new channel proposed for to launch outside the Republic of Ireland''. thanks! I want to prove my friend wrong!! Thank you!!

Ciara Brock

Since July 2007 RTÉ has been participating in a HD trial in Dublin. It shows programmes such as Planet Earth and Gaelic Athletic Association matches.

Why are RTÉ so incapable of making good television?

Why can't RTÉ make decent programmes and why do they persist in making their own terrible programmes like Fair City, Fáilte Towers, The Afternoon Show etc. when the Irish public clearly hate them? Why do they not think of some way of getting viewer feedback? I can't believe my television licence money goes towards this when I also pay for Sky digital and rarely watch RTÉ 1 or 2.

Ahh, don't get me started about the crap that RTE broadcasts and TV3 are no better! They stop airing TV shows mid season with no explanation and don't bother answering emails!! Grrr! I end up watching my favourite TV shows online because the only decent thing RTE broadcasts is The Panel.
But I think the other answerers are right - in the end, it all just comes down to money.

What is the validity of Vehicle transfer NOC ?

I had obtained an NOC from Thane RTO for my vehicle transfer to Karnataka in 2009. I did not take my vehicle to Karnataka. I have now sold my vehicle in 2011 in Thane and wish to cancel the NOC issued in 2009. Need to understand 1) is it required to cancel the NOC?; 2) is there a specific validity for the NOC issued in Maharashtra?

Yes there is validity of 30 days of any NOC. If you have not utilized NOC, than simply return the original NOC to rta for cancellation. It will be done.

Is there an official way the RTA can issue a LMV license in dubai when i am 17 and half years old for college?

I am 17 and a half and i need some help to get a license for light motor there any way RTA would help me cause i need it to go to my college?

The Ministry of Interior has set 18 years as the minimum age for males and females of all nationalities to be able to obtain a light vehicle driving licence.
For a motorcycle licence the mimimum age is 17.

Guess you have to catch a cab of one of your parents have to give you a ride.

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