How To Cancel Quibids?

how do i cancel my quibids account i dont see anything on the website about cancelling?

my wife opened the account not realizing the $60 charge and now i want to know how i can deactivate the account.

Their site says: "You have the right to terminate Your account at any time. You may do so either by not returning or by closing Your account in accordance with QuiBids standard procedure, which can be found at..."
...and then their link does not work!

If it was me, I would delete my payment information from my account, and simply never return. However, if they don't let you do that, I would complain to my credit card company and other applicable agencies:

Is Zbiddy the same type of auction as Quibids?

How does Zbiddy compare with Quibids? Do they use the same type of bidding structure? That is, do they charge the same fee per bid as Quibids?

Yes, they use the same bidding structure. Bids cost $.60 on each site. They're both penny auctions, which means you pay each time you bid, and the last bidder gets the item. Hope that helps!

does anyone know how to cancel quibids accounts?

Just email their customer support.

Is safe and reliable?

I want to sign up but I was wondering if it safe to use considering you have to put personal information.

QuiBids specifies they will charge you $0.60 per "bid," and that when you bid, time is added to the auction. But they don't make it obvious, so they keep getting complaints from people who don't read what they sign.
"Each bid costs just $0.60, available in Bid Packs." You must buy 100 bids upfront for $60.

Plus: "A maximum of 20 seconds is added to the timer every time someone bids. This gives enough time for someone else to make the decision to bid if they're interested. This is similar to 'Going once..Going twice..SOLD!'"

Also see:

Is Quibids a rip-off?

Seems like a scam when many people pay to bid on an item. One lucky bidder gets the item at a low price, while everyone else contributed by paying for each incremental bid. Almost seems like a ponzi scheme.

Quibids is essentially gambling. You never know when the last bid will be placed. Just like you never know when a slot machine will payoff. That last bid may or may not be yours. Just like it may or may not be your quarter that hits the jackpot. This is certainly not a retail shopping site. If you want good deals at auction, stick with eBay.

I will say that I have notice that Quibids does inflate the "value price" of their iPads. An iPad that retails for $499 will have a "value price" of $699 on the Quibids website. So that means the savings is inflated as well. I saw one auction end with the winner buying a 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad for $98.16. However, the winner placed 989 bids. At $0.60 per bid, the winner paid $593.40 for his bids. In total, the winner paid $691.56. A savings of only $7.44 off the Quibids "value price". If you look at the Apple website, you'll see that same model of iPad only costs $499. Assuming an 8% tax rate, the bidder would have paid $538.92 with free shipping from Apple. So the bidder overpaid by $152.64.

Not all of the products on the Quibids site have an inflated "value price". But the higher dollar items certainly seem to be. I would avoid penny auctions in general, unless your just a gamble that doesn't mind coming home empty-handed. And I would certainly avoid Quibids.

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