How To Cancel Preorder On Itunes?

is there anyway to un-preorder an album from itunes?

i pre-ordered the new demi lovato album 2 weeks ago, but i found it on another website today. and the quality is perfect! is there anyway to undo the preorder?? instead of spending $10.

Should be able to login to iTunes and cancel from there, think the option is "manage preorders".

Should i keep my preorder for watch dogs or preorder assassins creed black flag?

I'm getting the ps4,I already have it preordered, and I was wondering if I should cancel my preorder for watch dogs and just get it when it comes out because it got a huge delay.

Cancel your pre-order for Watch Dogs and get Black Flag instead. Who knows how long Watch Dogs will be delayed. There is no reason to deprive yourself of playing Black Flag while you wait an unknown number of months for the release of Watch Dogs.

how do i cancel my itunes subscription and get my money back?

There's nothing to cancel, iTunes isn't a subscription service. All the songs you purchase are linked to a Apple ID, which doesn't expire.
Cancel your iTunes account and see what happens to those songs you "bought".) well to my knowledge unless something has changed

How do you cancel an iPhone 3Gs while updating?

I plugged my iPhone 3Gs in around 6:00pm last night to get the new software update (the 4.0.1) it is now 8:00 am and the loading bar has not moved, and whenever i am on a different page other then itunes, itunes will automatically pop up. i don't know what to do, its taking ages!

Press cancel in itunes.
or slide the bottom bar on the phone and it should cancel it.

Can I still preorder MW3?

Can I still preorder MW3 from GameStop? Please no BF fan boys telling me not to, I don't care about what you think, I like both games so settle down before you answer this. Thanks!

yes you can preorder a game even if it will be released tomorrow

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