How To Cancel Order On

how to cancel an order placed in

i hav placed an order on Netgear JNR1010 N150 Wireless Router but i want to cancel it... how can i do so???

It states,"You can cancel your order before it reaches the "Order shipped" state. You can do so by sending us an email via our Contact Us Form with the order number."

how to cancel order at Aliexpress ?

When I clicked "cancel order" it redirects me to order details page. It was mistake of seller he mentioned 200 pieces instead of 100. plz help me to cancel order !

You need to contact the supplier and reach an agreement to cancel the order. If an agreement is reached, the supplier will not ship the order and the transaction will be cancelled automatically.

JUST click the button and wait confirmation.
if something's wrong with your browser?

How to cancel the shopping delivery?

Yesterday i have mistakely gave order to "2 flip flops" from and now i want to cancel them before they get delivered to me, please help!

Go to "Track Your Orders" in your email;

There you will find a small icon for "Cancel Order";

You can also directly see "Cancel Order" in the email they send you as "Order Confirmation";

Click on that;

Do it quickly; Flipkart is very fast in delivering goods;

is it possible to cancel pre order in gamestop store?

I wanna cancel my recent gamestop order. Can I do that? i aleady put like some money down for 2 pre order games, but it should suppose to had somesoft of pre order item but I haven't receive them yet, can I still cancel my pre order?

tell them to cancel the order. im pretty sure you'll get your money back

how can i cancel amazon order?

I ordered an item from amazon and found out exact day i do not need that product. So i wanted to cancel but i cannot find in the your account cancel button. I sent to seller the message that i want to cancel. Do you think it will cancel my order? Thank you for your time i checked my e-mail and in the receipt there is not cancel button. Also i went to your account and cannot find cancel button:(

Go to ' Your Account ' on the Amazon homepage . And click in ' Your Orders ' , On there , you will find some options for you to cancel your orders ( Request Order Cancellation) .

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