How To Cancel Nfl Game Rewind?

where can I watch live NFL football games online?

Thanks. :)

There's two ways to watch live NFL football games online. One is through Direct TV, the other is through

Direct TV, however, only has about 6 games per season available online, so it's not really worth it. offers 256 (their number) games live online per season, plus playoffs and the SB, through a subscription to "Game Pass." However, because of market restrictions and blackout agreements, cannot allow subscribers from the US or any US territories.

However, there are two other options available to fans in the US and territories: Field Pass and Game Rewind. Game Rewind is essentially the same as Game Pass, but Game Rewind only allows for viewing after the game is completed. Field Pass has every game, but no video, only the radio broadcast of the game.

Game Pass (outside US only): $39.99, all countries must pay in US dollars.
Game Rewind (everybody): $39.99, cheaper if you only follow one team, or want the service for only 1 month or week instead of the whole season.
Field Pass (everybody, audio only): $29.99 for one season, also cheaper for shorter time periods.

One thing you need to watch out for is a scam called "Satellite for PC" and goes under many pseudonyms, e.g. Satellite in PC, Satellite on PC, etc. If you see any service saying "all you need is a software download" all you get is a search engine for free online channels that are mostly broken or don't work.

A third option is to get a hardware satellite package for the pc. these are relatively cheap on ebay, but their legality is still unclear.

Nfl game rewind question?

On nfl game rewind it says games are not available live but they are available on demand, how long does it usually take for the games to get on demand? And if it is a while is there anywhere where I can watch the games live? Thanks

You should contact your provider.. Hopefully they will know.. Good luck...

How soon are the games available to watch on NFL Game Rewind?

They become available just a few minutes after the game ends. It is very impressive!

Watch NFL Games Online?

I recently cancelled my cable subscription and would like to know if there is a reliable way to watch NFL games live online. I checked out the "Game Rewind" on and I'm not sure if you have to wait until the game is completed or not.

i think you have to wait until its completed

NFL Sunday Ticket Sham?

Anyone else trying to cancel NFL Sunday Ticket? It is NOT every game every Sunday. I live in the middle of nowhere California, yesterday, no 49ers (blacked out), no Raiders (blacked out but on local non HD station) and, couldn't even get the Seahawks game (blacked out). Chargers played, but late game on NBC, NOT NFL Sunday ticket! They say I can't cancel, but I got news for them, who do they think pays the bill?

I have had the NFL package for many years now, but I don't live in a blackout area so I don't have the same issues with them. It is their contract with the NFL and their blackout rules, not the fault of Directv. By the way, you are lucky to have missed the raider game because they are worse than anybody thought. The Seahawks stunk up the place also but the 49ers are improving.

If you watch the redzone channel you will get parts of all the games.

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