How To Cancel Membership Of Club Penguin?


I pay for the special membership on club penguin, I don't want to I just want a normal penguin! How do I cancel my paying membership?

go to your parent account
or make one
then click the membership tab
then click Cancel Membership

How do you cancel a membership on club penguin?

On club penguin I got the monthly membership and I want to cancel it. How do I do it? If you can answer it that would be awesome glossm' fabulous fantastic. Stay Pink and Positive.

you wait till it expires and don't buy membership anymore or you could email them to cancel it

What does Cancel membership in club penguin mean?

Hi, My father has decided to pay for my grand son his Club penguin membership, and we would like to stop paying the membership for a while without deleting the account, so will the "Cancel Membership" function make us stop pay and keep the account so that we can start paying again soon, or will it delete the account too ? Regards, Marco

I think it will only cancel the paid membership, you will still be able to play as a free member. The account will not get deleted.

How can you cancel club penguin membership without logging in?

I haven't be on in 3-4 years and I have forgotten both my password and username so I have no way of logging in so how CSM I cancel my membership without accessing my account? Help please!

If you remember your parents account, which you have to sign up for before you create your penguin then login into it and cancel your membership. The username will be a email and password will be whatever. If not send an email to club penguin asking or call them. You can find their number by researching it and their email service at their website located somewhere. Good luck canceling!

How to be a member on club penguin?

Can someone help me cause I have this club penguin membership card and tried activating it and it worked and I played on club penguin but then the next day my penguin wasn't a member What happened?

Someone found your password and cancelled your membership. Email and ask them for help.

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