How To Cancel Julep Maven?

Julep Maven 1 cent box question help!!?

So julep maven says you can get this box: for only .01 cent. However, i was wondering if they would keep sending the boxes after that and charge it to my card. I dont want it if i have to keep paying 20 bucks every month since i have enough polishes and dont want to waste my money

I signed up because it said my first box would be 1 cent. I didn't know that it was a monthly subscription site where you can't cancel like Birchbox, but you can only skip each month around the 20th. If you don't skip on that day, on the 24th, they will take your money and send you a box. If you want to cancel after you receive the 1cent box, you have to call customer service and cancel.

How can I get free shipping on Julep Maven?

So I wana join this Julep Maven subscription and everywhere I look people say they have free shipping but when I go to check out they charge me 3.99. Is there a way to avoid it. Since all the reviews ive seen on youtube say free shipping

you have to buy like over 100 dollars worth

GIRLS: Nail Polish Brands and Tips?

Does anybody Have A Great name brand of nail polish? Most polishes I find are cheap and chip or smear off before the 2nd day!! Help!! Any tips as well?? ☺❤

JULEP. I have hundreds of bottles of nail polish but Julep is by far my favourite. It doesn't chip or smear off and it drys fast. Julep nail polish can be bought online (free shipping) and if you become a 'maven' you'll get a box of nail polish each month with the option to cancel or skip over a month at no cost. If you do want to try out Julep nail polish you can get your first box free by going to doing the style quiz and at checkout use the code freebox or penny. I promise it's not a scam and won't have secret charges, I love Julep and it's worth it! If you do decide to try out Julep (and you can get a box free so why not?!) It would be awesome if you could use either my referral link: or use my referral code: 7334712 at check out or sign up:)

Any makeup programs like the Julep Maven boxes?p?

i heard about the Julep Maven box and LOVE the idea of it. but I really want to know if there's anything like that but with makeup products? things like eyeshadows, mascaras, foundations, moisturizers, blushes, nail polishes,etc. so please help me!! thank youuu and please leave a link!

Birchbox and MyGlam(new) are practically the same. They're monthly subscriptions for $10 each month for samples of makeup. Then there's JewelMint that is a $30 monthly subscription for jewelry. They also have StyleMint (clothing) and ShoeMint(shoes).

Julpe Maven 1 cent help!?

So I saw on an ad that Julep Maven is selling the first box for only a penny. If I purchase the first box, am I automatically on the subscription? Also, I want to know if this is kind of like a scam. If I pay the 1 cent, will they bill me $20 a month on my card after that because I bought the first box? I don't know if any of that made sense. But I need help please!

I am a Julep member. Yes you will be in the subscription and you have to call to cancel. BUT, every month they email you (I believe it's on the 21st) and send you a picture of the colors they will send you that month. You then are able to opt out for the month. My first box was $5 and last month was the first time I paid $20. I didn't like what my "Style Profile" selected for me last month so I picked another profile. I like the polishes, but you have to use a really good base and top coat (I use Essie) or else it chips pretty fast. I think so far it's worth the $20; but like I said the best part is know that you can tell them you would like to skip a month.

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