How To Cancel Jet Airways Ticket?

Help in International air ticketing?

I have booked Economy class ticket with emirates from hyderabad to dubai. but i came to know that jet airways are offering better services than Emirates(food,in fight entertainment,comfortable seats) Can anyone tell me is possible to transfer my Emirates ticket to jet airways.( i book online not with any travel agent)

I dont think there is any way as such to to transfer tickets across airlines. You may want to cancel and buy another ticket from Jet Airways , but that would cost you some extra bucks due to cancellation charges.

I have traveled to Emirates and Jet as well, I would not be worried about it , I found Emirates equally good. Moreover Hyderabad Dubai is not a long duration flight.

what is the charge for cancellation of jet airways e-ticket befor 24 hours?

i like to know that if i want to cancel e-ticket for Delhi from Kolkata befor 24 hours what is the cancellation charges for jet airways

The taxes will be refunded in full the fare portion will be deducted by 50 percent.

Can i get refund for jet airways after cancel the return journy?

Last month im going to Chennai from Singapore with my friend by Jet air ways. We buy two way ticket. But my friend unable to rutrun to Sinapore and he cancel the return trip ticket in Chennai. In Chennai office person say can collect refund in Singapore only. So, can i get refund for my friend?

Get your friend to prepare a letter of authorisation, just to be sure that you will be able to collect on behalf. Good luck.

How much will it cost to cancel tickets for a flight to Zambia on British Airways?

On Saturday the 23rd of February, I bought some tickets to fly out to Zambia on British Airways. It costed an estimate of £800 per person (including VAT etc.) It's the 27th now and I was wondering how much it would be to cancel now or if it would be pointless to cancel because I was informed, I would be charged £750 by a friend to cancel the flight. All I need is an estimate. Thanks. (Fly out date being August 24th)

Whether there are change or cancellation fees for any ticket are wholly dependent on the specific rules of your ticket. As such, the only "estimates" anyone can give you here are merely guesses.

The only way that you will get an accurate answer to your question is to contact British Airways directly.

Qatar airways tickets postpone or cancel ?

i want to postpone my Qatar air ticket or if possible cancel my ticket dated 23 june 2009....due to some problems.does anybody knows the procedure or least amount of money to do so......i'm living in Russia (gr8 language problem these guys don't know English at all)....

It is all in the in the ticket rules. These rules can be difficult to retrieve and understand.

I recommend you to go to a travel agent and ask them with help to change or cancel your ticket. They will easily bring up the certain rules attached to your ticket and explain your options.

This will of course probably cost you a small amount for their services but it is usually only USD 20-40. Ask them what they will charge to help you.

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