How To Cancel Insurance Policy?

When can I cancel my homeowners insurance if I'm not happy with the insurance company?

My homeowner insurance is paid directly from my mortgage company and the insurance company doesn't let me know when They raise the premiums until a month later after the policy is paid in full. How many days do I have if I decide to cancel the policy and find another insurance company?

As soon as you have a new policy in place.

Once the new policy is in place, contact your current homeowners insurance agent and cancel the policy. It would probably be best to go sit down with your agent so you can sign any needed paperwork.

Why does my old insurance company want to see my new policy?

I recently switched car insurance companies (from country insurance to allstate) and when my husband called to cancel our old companies policy they refused until we fax them a copy of our new policy with allstate. I dont understand why thy need this information. We arent asking them to back date and pay us for any time we already paid for (we arranged our allstate policy to begin the day our country insurance ended) and in the years we have been with country insurance, we have ever once filed a claim. Never payed late (had automatic withdrawl). If anyone knows why country insurance would need our new policy info before they cancel our old policy i Would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks!

Because they must send a notice to your state Motor Vehicle Department if you cancel unless you have other insurance in place. If the state gets this notice they will pull your plates.

Can I cancel my insurance policy after my insurance pays for the damage?

I bought a motorcycle about two weeks ago and I got into an accident already. I am traumatized and do not want to get back on the motorcycle. What is the penalty if I cancel my insurance policy an return my motorcycle. I live in Massachusetts if that matters. My insurance is paying for the damages then I am going to return it to the dealer. I have a 60 day return policy on the motorcycle.

What makes you think you can return a wrecked motorcycle? Return it to the seller and get a refund? Do you have a loan against it? That will have to be paid off, either by you or the insurance.

If you get rid of it you don't have to have it insured and after the insurance settles you can cancel the policy and get a refund less the insurer's administrative fee.

How do you cancel insurance when you pay monthly?

I need to cancel my insurance after I sell my vehicle. I will not own another vehicle so I will not need auto insurance anymore. Will I have to pay a penalty or will I be out with maybe a cancellation fee? I pay by the month so I'm not sure how this works. Pretty sure I don't get a refund when I pay this way.

Call your insurance agent. If you are with a decent insurance company they will cancel your policy effective immediately (or whatever date you give them) and issue you a refund for any remaining days left on the policy that are already paid in advance.

If you have a lousy insurance company they will just let the policy expire at the end of the month when you don't pay the bill regardless of when you cancel the policy and offer no refunds to you.

do I get a refund if I cancel my AAA insurance policy?

I need to cancel my AAA insurance policy due to its expense and I was wondering if I receive a refund of the funds already put towards paying off my policy. I'm not expecting anything back and have already counted that money lost but it'd be nice.

If you have paid in advance for your car insurance you get a refund of that amount. If you are paid up until June and you cancel your policy in April, you would get two months' premiums refunded.

I have AAA because it is the lowest price insurance.

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