How To Cancel Identity Protector?

CC Identity Protector??! WTF IS THIS?!?

I recently got an Express credit card and I am being charged 14.99 every month for cc identity protector - third party purchase. Does anyone know the number to where I can call and cancel this???! I can't find it ANYWHERE online and it is pissing me off!!! Thank you

If that card is not from your bank, then you better check all the fine print, that may be a charge just for using that POS card, something you agreed to when you signed up for it. If it is from an actual bank, call the bank, and cancel the charges, you don't have to contact cc identity protector.

Anyone know anything about Identity Protect CPP?

When I activated my Victoria's Secret credit card, they offered a $20 gift card to the store if I tried out Identity Protect CPP. They said I just had to sign up when I received the packet and I could cancel right away, and still receive the gift card. Normally I wouldn't risk doing these types of things thinking they were a scam, but I figured I could trust V.S. Anyone know anything about the identity protect company? Has anyone received the gift card for doing this?

They didn't offer me a gift card but when I checked my account online I was being charged 9.99 a month for the credit protector thing. I think you should cancel it as soon as possible. They don't really do anything to help you.

What are the differences between and Identity Theft Protector?

They both cost $14.99 a month so I was just wondering what the differences are so that I can cancel one.

Cancel both. You don't need either.

If you signed up for some plan at, it is a credit monitoring service. While you get real FICO scores, you really do not need to check your credit report and score that frequently. Buying your FICO score once a year is more than sufficient.

Identity Theft Protector is some kind of ID protection plan and is totally worthless. It is cheaper and better to just freeze your credit reports with each of the three credit bureaus. That way no one can open a new account, including you, unless you unfreeze the account.

You can get your free annual credit report from each of the three credit bureaus online thru Space out one credit bureaus every 4 months. offers a free score estimator based on your TransUnion report. It is not FICO, but within 50 points or so. Good enough if you are curious or want to track your score.

Who should I cancel if I have identity guard and lifelock?

I have identity guard because I wad told they secure your current accounts and LIfelock doesn't I was also told that lifelock prevents new accounts from forming and IG does not. Who should I keep and who should I cancel? Any comments are appreciated!

You can do what they do for nothing by placing fraud alerts on your credit reports. That way,no one can open new accounts in your name without your authorization. You need to reactivate it every 90 days and you can have it removed at any time. Or sign up for a reputable credit monitoring service. That would be cheaper than either Lifelock or Identity Guard.

Also, you might want to check your homeowner's policy. Many of them include riders for identity theft.

Also, did you know that Lifelock's CEO actually had his identity stolen after those commercials aired about how good his company was in preventing identity theft?

Mattress protectors and enhancers?

Hi, If I am using both a protector and an enhancer, should the enhancer go on top of the protector or the other way around? thanks Philip

enhancer then protector x ;) i would expect the enhancer to be for comfort and will be felt through the protector which in turn will protect the enhancer from well whatever you plan to throw at your bed lol ;) but i would like to stress this is the first time ive heard of an enhancer and had to google it haha but it does sound right.

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