How To Cancel Humana Health Insurance?

How can i cancel humana one dental insurance?

I signed up for humana one dental 4 months ago due to being laid off my previous employer. I am now employed through another company that offers free dental insurance. I want to cancel my plan with humana one dental. They said they can't because apparently when i signed up the first time around "I signed a contract" with them. a contract that lasts a whole year. i do not need humana one, im just shelling out money for nothing. i dont even need dental now or before. it was just a just incase option if something happens. i just goggled humana one dental and i found some sites that stated they are a scam company that doesnt cover anything. what if i dont pay for it? i heard they can send it to collections and i have to deal with them. anyone came accross this situation wanting to cancel and supposedly cant due to contract reasons. I dont rememeber signging up or getting paperwork stating its a year contract.

READ the contract. It tells you.

Can you give me some names of reliable health insurance companies?

I need a health insurance policy for my child.

Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Blue Cross. None of which, thanks to the health reform act, are writing "child only" health insurance policies. You'll have to buy a family policy, to get your child covered.

Which health insurance do you think would be better: Humana One, or through my university?

I'm currently enrolled with HumanaOne, but I'm going back to school and am offered their insurance at a similar cost. Does anyone have experience with either of these, or have an idea which coverage would be better? I'm going to do a close comparison, but I also though it would help to get any other opinions out there. Thanks.

Humana, because you will own the policy, not the university. As long as you continue to pay the premiums you cannot be canceled, or singled out for a rate increase. Besides, most college plans are "limited benefit" policies.

Canceling health insurance with the company your work for?

A gal at work is having some problems canceling her health insurance with the company we work for. Our company is saying she CAN NOT cancel her health insurance policy with BCBS since its not open enrollment. The reason she wants to cancel is because she got coverage with a different company. Is it legal for our company to say she CAN NOT cancel her policy??? How could she afford to pay for both!

It is not the company that says this, it's the insurance company. The insurance company only allows for changes during open enrollment or if there is a significant life event, such as marriage, birth of a child, death of an immediate family member, etc. This is the only time changes can be made.

Why does the insurance company do this? It prevents people from getting insurance only when they need it and not being insured when they don't need insurance. For example, most people only visit the dentist once every 6 months. If an insurance company allowed participants to sign up and cancel their insurance at any time, then you could sign up for dental insurance the month that you are going to the dentist (so that the insurance company will pay) and then the next month cancel the policy because after all you won't be going to the dentist for another 5 months. Then you could sign up for dental insurance the month you go to the dentist, then immediately cancel. While less common, the same thing can be true for health insurance. A person could decide to get health insurance one month, when they know they have to go to the doctor (i.e. they just came down with the flu and need to go to the doctor) and then once they are well again cancel their coverage.

I completely empathize with your co-worker. If a person doesn't understand insurance very well, then it would make sense that the company should allow her to cancel her health insurance. Whoever helped her get health insurance through a different company should have reviewed this with her so she wouldn't have to pay premiums for two health insurance policies.

Can you cancel BCBS IL Health insurance before policy renewal?

I have had private individual health insurance with them for around 4 months and just started a job that offers health insurance. Can I cancel my BCBS policy or do I have to wait another 8 months? Yeah good advice to compare them first. Plus I don't want a lapse in coverage. I'm a 21 healthy male with 100 percent coverage 500 deductible. I could probably go with less but I'd rather be safe than sorry. It's a govt job so the health insurance should be suitable. I was just making sure BCBS doesn't lock you into a contract. Thanks.

You can cancel.

However, you should not cancel when you just started the job. Wait until (1) the insurance from the job starts (there may be a waiting period), and (2) you are sure that the job (and the insurance it offers) will last and that you will not need the BCBS policy again soon.

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