How To Cancel Holiday With Thomas Cook?

How do I cancel a Thomas Cook holiday?

I booked a holiday with Thomas Cook to Turkey at the last minute over the phone (for 6 days away) and then got told the dates I was told were wrong. I phoned them up within 1 hour but they say I've lost the £500. Is there anything I can do?

This would depend on the terms and conditions, if it is a Thomas Cook Holiday and you booked it for 6 days before travel, you would not be able to change he dates of travel and if you cancel your booking it would be at 100% charges (everything paid) this is the same for any late deal holiday.

Other holidays can very on the terms and conditions of the booking

URGENT. i go on holiday on tuesday the 16th of June?

I booked it online through thomas cook. I originally booked it in April with me and my friend flying together. in the meantime ive replaced the first friend with another person. Everything processed fine. but now when they have emailed me my vouchers they have come through blurry so when i print them out theyre unreadable. does anybody have the customer service number (or a number you'd advise me ringing) because the only number i can get hold of is answered by an automated voice and i am getting nowhere with 'it'.

Is it actually a Thomas Cook holiday? Or is it just through Thomas Cook? If so, you need to find out exactly what company you have actually booked with.

Go to Thomas Cook website if it is a holiday with them and there will be a contact number on there; they should be able to resend the vouchers.

Individual cancellation from a group booking with Thomas Cook?

I want to cancel my booking from a group Thomas Cook holiday I'm a part of. Will the others be charged once I leave? Or will I just lose my deposit?

they may be a small charge for them

Any holiday tips??!?!?!?

Hiya. Im going on holiday today to lanzarote. Im flying with thomas cook do you think that it would be safe to fly with them? secondly its obviously december so is it possibal to get a good and decent tan? What do you think and also if you have any tips for tanning please go ahead. Also feel free to write down some simple quick but still pretty hair styles for once i go swimming. Thanks alot for your help.

Pay for your holiday with a CREDIT card like Mastercard or Visa, and not by cheque, cash or with a debit or charge card. This gives your money more protection should Thomas Cook suddenly collapse
However rather than crash outright, I think they will be taken over by another holiday company who will promise to honour previous bookings

If Thomas Cook goes bust what will happen to all the holidays booked with them?

I booked and paid for a holiday with Thomas Cook for the 1st of July. If the company goes into administration before then what are they likely to do about holidays? Thanks

Surely they will refund them or pass u onto Another airline??

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