How To Cancel Hbo On Directv?

How did I view HBO "On Demand" on DirecTV?

I recently switched from Cable to Direct TV. I see they have the same "On Demand" service I used to have for ShoTime... but I couldnt find similar service for HBO. I tried channel 1501 but that didnt work. Does anyone know if its available? I called DirecTV and the person on the other end of the phone didnt even seem to know - the first time I called they gave me channel 1501.

There is no HBO On Demand service on DirecTV. There is speculation it may be because Time Warner owns HBO and also owns a cable network, but nobody is really sure why.

How much of the broadcast programming on Directv is copy-protected?

I am trying to determine if my DVD recorders' sudden inability to record shows from Directv is an equipment failure, or due to actual copy-protection on Directv's broadcast. Anyone have any idea if this is a new development, or do I just need a new recorder?

You should contact DirecTV.

Local channels should be copy-protection Free.
Expect to see copy protection in HBO, Showtime, and PPV or Movies on demand.

A DVR from DirecTV will work best.

What are some good movies on Starz, HBO, Showtime etc. right now?

You know all the channels thats normally in the 300's and 500's.. I have Directv and Dish Network...

HBO on demand = land of the lost

Do I need a new dish if I upgrade to a HD Directv receiver?

I am looking to upgrade to a HD receiver. I currently have a standard setup with Directv. Will I need to purchase a new dish as well?

We've had standard DirecTv for about 10 years and have been very pleased. Last week I called to update to HDTV and DirecTv quoted a charge of $199 (HD-DVR) for a new receiver plus $19 shipping. An additional $9.99 per month for the HD and $5.00 per month for the DVR would be added to our bill. I then checked Dish Network, they offered a free HD-DVR receiver with new dish, free install, cheaper monthly service for the top 250 channels, free HBO and Starz for 3 months, Cinemax for one penny for a year... 24 month contract. I scheduled set-up. I then called DirecTv to cancel; when asked why, I told them Dish simply offered the better price. THEN they wanted to dicker and offer me comparable options to Dish at a competitive price. I stuck with Dish mainly because I'd already called DirecTv first, got nowhere, and had just spent a lot of time setting up programming with Dish.

My point? If you wish to keep DirecTv, be aware that you don't have to accept their first quote. Check around, see what your options are. We are now enjoying Dish, and are quite pleased. I abhorr changing services, but wanted the best package for our money. Good luck to you! : )

DirecTV users: Can you cancel your service?

I recently switched to DirecTV. It ended up being more than expected. I called to cancel it, but they said I cannot cancel unless I paid an early cancellation fee.

That is true. Activation of a new account with leased equipment comes with either a 18- or 24-month commitment or $20 per month not fulfilled.

Why was the service more than you expected? Have you tried downgrading your package? Talk with some CSRs and see if they can't resolve the issue for you.

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