How To Cancel An Fye Vip Membership?

how to cancel a FYE vip pass?

I signed up for the fye vip backstage pass and it is charging me 9.99 a month and i can't figure out how to cancel it... help?

I got a trial too, and I just called and canceled it. You need to call this number: 1-877-351-2131. They'll want your membership number that's on the back of the membership card. They guy I spoke to was really pushy about trying to make me keep the thing, but you just need to be persistent and they will cancel it. I wish you luck!

How can you cancel an imvu vip membership?

I want to cancel the membership but idk how to plz help me!

Well i havent been a VIP on imvu but i recomend just to stop paying the montly fee and it should automatically cancel your membership. Or click on the VIP tab at the top and see what the links say in that portion.

to get fye membership do you have to pay? and do you have to pay monthly cost ?

is a fye membership really worth it ?

It depends on what you pay with..there are 2 types of cards theres the vip and the backstage pass..

you can only get the vip if you pay with a credit/debit card you get one month for free after that its a monthly charge. you can cancel at anytime. This card also works at other locations like restaurants, movie theaters, retail places, amusement parks ect. Also if you keep if for two months you get a gift card to fye.

the backstage pass costs money this is if you only pay with cash. The price of the card depends on how much you spend that day the more you spend the cheaper the card. the highest price for the card is $25 and this lasts all year.

Both cards give you 10% off your purchase and during the week of your birthday you get an additional 20% off. And you also get coupons.

I need to cancel my fye vip membership but ive lost my card. how would i cancel it?

I just cancelled mine like 5 min ago and they didn't even ask for any information. but they will try hard to get you to keep it. you call the customer service # 1 877 351 2131 and i pressed # 1

How do I cancel my IMVU VIP Membership?

Not the actual account, because they are still charging me for the VIP membership, And I dont want to be a membership anymore, i thought just was 1 month... it's moms credit card and the vip it's expensive! i buy the vip because it was on discount, but i made an error please help me thanks please answer ppl

SORRY, I don´t Know, better change the credit card, report like stolen, and the bank give you another one with different numbers.
Is only an idea.

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