How Tall Is Pewdiepie?

Who knows pewdiepie?! I need help!?

I see all kinds of previews to pewdiepie's videos but they aren't on his "pewdiepie" channel. Anyone know the name of his other channel?

PewDiePie - Main channel (active)
pewpewpewPEWDIE - Old vlog channel (inactive)
Pewdie - Secondary channel for non-horror gameplay (inactive)

Whats up everybody my names Pewdiepie!!!!!!!!!!?

Okayyy, who else is a huge fan of pewdiepie? I give him some props ! He decided to sart a charity even and raised $150k by him and his fans ! Check this cutie out!

Pewdiepie is fucking stupid. Sure, it's great that he started a charity, but he isn't even funny. He does the same stupid jokes every video and in one it even sounded like he was getting tired of saying "barrels" every time he saw them on Amnesia. The entire video is just him screaming and it's annoying.

Cute and original Youtube name like Pewdiepie?

I am making a video but i need a name!!!! I love Pewdiepie and even more his name, anybody have something similar but original?

=O I've seen pewdiepie on YT.

What about...


The last one is less cute but i find it more epic. enjoy

What is pewdiepie's real name?

So I kind of just became a bro and I'm just wondering what pewdiepie's real name is. I'm not being creepy or anything, I'm just curious because it's never mentioned in his videos. And yes, girls can become bros. Also, his Harlem Shake video has now left me permanently scarred and I'm now ready for therapy.

PewDiePie (Pronounced: "pyou-dee-piah", real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg)

What the heck is Barrels?

My friends Gabby and Brock walk around with me and joke about barrels. They tell me about it and joke about it, and I play along. But I have no idea what he/she/it/ are? Please tell me (Also once I asked them what it was and they said "Go look it up on youtube" Omg! Thanks so much! I'm actually fond of PewDiePie! I'm watching a video right now when I asked this question! and I'm watching his Slender video! THANKS!

Barrels is a parody on the game Slender made for the YouTuber PewDiePie. Slender is a game where you walk through a dark forest in search for 8 pieces of paper, while a monster called Slenderman (a tall, white man with no face) is trying to hunt you down. Slender's a indie horror game.

PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber and very, very popular (3 million subscribers!) and is known for gaming commentaries - under which Slender. A fan made him a special Slender game called Barrels, where you're chased by a barrel instead of Slenderman and there are several sounds and objects featured in-game which really stand for PewDiePie. Barrels are PewDie's 'biggest enemies'. Perhaps you should look him up, he's a really nice and funny guy.

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