How Soon Does Xanax Take Effect?

Lorazepam Or xanax?????....?

lorazepam 0.5 mg vs xanax .25 mg which is stronger? I don't understand the mg, I used to take xanax .25 then my dr switched me to lorazepam 0.5 mg...Someone plz answer my question thank you(:

Xanax and Lorazepam are DIFFERENT DRUGS. They are both Benzodiazepines, but they are DIFFERENT DRUGS.

Xanax is about twice as potent per mg than Lorazepam is. That means that to get the same effect, you would have to take twice as much Lorazepam. So in your case, .5mg of Lorazepam is roughly equivalent to .25mg xanax.

The difference is that lorazepam lasts about twice as long as xanax does. Xanax is very short lasting and tends to wear off abruptly. Lorazepam does not wear off as fast, which can make it much easier to tolerate. So again, in your case you should not have to take it as often as you do xanax, and you should notice that the effects last longer and do not wear off as fast.

They are both very addictive drugs, and withdrawals from either of them can be severe. Be sure to talk to your Doctor about the risk of dependency, tolerance, and withdrawals when you quit taking it.

Whats the main difference between Valium and Xanax?

I'm currently taking 10mg valium when I get anxious... so like if I ever go to the shops or the days of my course (3 days a week) I don't think it's working as well as I'd like... I was wondering, would Xanax work better for me? whats the comparison between both and how do you feel on Xanax?

They are both benzodiazepines with slightly different effects. Valium is long acting (lasts longer) and xanax is short acting however, xanax has a bit stronger of an effect.

Xanax is better for acute bouts of anxiety (panic attacks) where it can knock it out quickly whereas, valium tends to work better for generalized chronic anxiety or agitation of some kind.

It really just depends on your current condition, but just be careful all these drugs develop the user to have a tolerance to it and the drug loses its effect. Once the effect leaves, you have to increase the dose and that leads to addiction and a road you don't want to walk down.

Why does Xanax taste so bad?

I hate how Xanax tastes.

You're tasting the Xanax because it does not have a protective surface around it Aspirin, for example, has a protective layer so that it will be absorbed gradually once in the stomach.

But, that would be pointless with Xanax... people generally need relief immeditely, so the taste is just an unfortunate side effect.

If you find that you have anxiety for extended periods, Xanax XR exists both as a brand name and generic, and provides all-day relief. (I take it, and it's much more effective for me than the quick-release tabs.)

Will small a small dose of xanax cause seizures?

I have recently been getting a small amount of anxiety. I went to the doctor and he gave me 3 weeks worth of lexapro and 7 pills of .25mg of xanax. He said i should take the xanax at night to help me sleep. I have been reading about studies of xanax causing seizures. Is there a chance of this for me or am i just over worrying.

The drug in Xanax is Alprazolam.. It itself is used in the treatment for seizure.. they do not cause seizure.. Or if at all they cause, its the rarest of the rarest side effect..!! Do not the read the side effects of the drugs when u are going to take them.. U will find some rare side effect interesting and become apprehended..

Do not read them all. Its safe and u can take it.. It does not cause any seizure...

Xanax - more effective if taken daily or just when needed?

Being someone who is relatively anxious, and having seen the miraculous effect of taking a Xanax before an audition, I wondered whether maybe I should consider taking it regularly. I spoke to my doctor and he said that if I took only .25mg daily that I would definately not become addicted. I am still unsure - my family say that it would be beneficial if I took it daily for when I have an intensely stressful moment they argue that the Xanax will work more efficiently because it is already part of my system. I can't help but think that the tablet would be more effective if I only took it in bad situations. I'm also a little freaked about the whole 'personality' change - on the Xanax (the whole three times I've taken it lol) I've been so mellow and nothing worried me. Yet I had taken the Xanax because I was completely freaking out about certain issues. I guess I'm scared that I'm going to alter 'me' by taking Xanax continually...anyone with Xanax experience out there..?

I am prescribed to xanax and I suggest you only take it when you need it. If you can't get through your day without it, and you continuously feel anxious all day then you should look into other treatments. Xanax is very addictive, and taking it when you don't really need it would be silly.

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