How Old Do You Have To Be To Smoke Weed In Colorado?

smoking weed recreationally in colorado?

I live in arizona and have been an avid cannabis user for some time now. Will I be able to drive to colorado and buy weed in dispensaries starting in 2014 with my 21+ ID? Or will I need a colorado resident to do this for me? And will there be any places other than your house where you can legally smoke? Like an amsterdam type of coffee shop

You can legally buy recreational marijuana in Colorado if your 21 years or older with a valid government issued I.D. There will be marijuana type clubs on private property where you can smoke as an alternative to your own home. One thing about buying weed in Colorado is that you wouldn't legally be able to drive it back to Arizona.

is it legal to smoke weed in Colorado?

it depends on what kind of weeds you are smoking.......................

NO it is not legal to smoke "weed" in Colorado.

Why smoke weed?

Why do guys smoke weed?

Well, weed is a depressant and guys like smoking weed because it relieves stress and puts you in a "good feeling" emotional state. But, weed is not only for recreational use, weed is also used for prescriptions and in some states like california, weed comes in a vending machine. (prescription only though)

How can i smoke my stuff?

I smoke weed occasionally maybe once every 4 or 5 days for about 3 months now. I have been using a coca cola can and smoking about a bud the size of a quarter. I found out smoking off of aluminum is bad and its best to use glass pipes or rolling paper. I cannot purchase either of these at all. What can i do to smoke my weed the healthiest way possible?

Yeah, that can trick will KILL YOU! glass is good. But as a chef that smokes a bunch of weed. There is ALWAYS something to smoke out of. I do the old Colorado crisp I call it. You basicly make a hole in the apple. One for the bowl and one for the mouth piece. Use the SIDE of the apple. Not the standing, normal upright position of the apple. Don't worrie about the seeds. You may need to practice. I use a peeler. It's round and makes a small hole when rotated! You can obviously use anything. My secret, and personal favorite is the coconut bong!! It's crazy fun tiling out of food. I call it the Colorado crisp because when im done smoking, I EAT the apple!!!! Hell yeah... Your vision of a pipe just changed!! Hu?

Are basketball players from Colorado allowed to smoke weed?

Are the Denver Nuggets allowed to smoke weed since they live in Colorado, I know the laws there changed, so does that mean the players not only the nuggets but like college and high school players allowed to blaze?

Anybody living in Colorado is allowed to consume marijuana. However, it may look unprofessional for a Basketball Player, or a Congressman to publicly consume marijuana. Therefore, they may to do indoors. High School basketball players cannot perform this task, due to age restrictions. Some college players are allowed.

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