How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Bingo?

Where do I get the suns bingo card from?

I have just started to have The Sun Newspaper Daily and Sundays, I would like to play the Bingo inside the paper, but I don't know where to get the Bingo Cards From?.

The sun bingo cards come with the newspaper. If you can't locate yours write to their online help at They respond same day. BTW Sun bingo also has got online bingo room You can play online if you want.

can u play keno online in australia?

i dont mean keno like bingo i mean the keno that u play at local clubs/pubs. thanks

"i dont mean keno like bingo"......well, until you said that, I knew what you were talking about.

What does Keno have to do with Bingo? Absolutely nothing.

You can play Keno online in Australia. I'm not sure why anyone would want to! The lottery, at a 50% payback rate, is the WORST bet on the entire planet. Keno, with it's 30% - 38% house edge, (depending on the Keno game's rules), is the 2nd to the worst bet on the planet.

how do I add a coment to a bingo game that somebody has just won?

I play yahoo bingo and I would like to be able to say wtg or ty to the person who won a game, but I don't know how to do this! Please help!

If im not mistaken, you cant do it so that way you quit that game. When people are in a room, it takes up a server. Since yahoo only has a limited number of servers that means a limited number of people can play at one time. So if they let you sit in a room and chat after the game is over, they would waste peoples time. So therefore, they don't allow it. JC

Gambling age?

What is the gambling age in the united states? Is it the same as the drinking age (21)?

Age restrictions for players.

No person must allow anyone under the age of eighteen to participate in gambling activities except:

(1) To play in licensed bingo games when accompanied by an adult member of his or her immediate family or a guardian, who is at least eighteen years old:

(a) "Immediate family" means only the spouse, parents, or grandparents of an individual; and

(b) "Guardian" means only a court-appointed, legal guardian of an individual; or

(2) To play bingo at agricultural fairs or school carnivals; or

(3) To play amusement games; or

(4) To sell raffle tickets for a charitable or nonprofit organization that:

(a) Has development of youth as a primary purpose; and

(b) Has at least three members or advisors who are at least eighteen years old and who supervise the operation of the raffle; and

(c) Has an adult member or advisor designated as the manager for the raffle.

I need an tour guide through Buffalo, NY Days: July 2nd evening through July 4th day and evening for fireworks

I am having a family reunion and would like a calender of different locations to visit or at least offer. We have a variety of ages up to 76 years old...I need something for everyone together and also separately.. I have a few that like to gamble and play bingo also..For the kids carnival or in like kind..

Amusement Rides, Fantasy Island on grand island. Gambling, seneca casino in niagara falls (close to buffalo) usa. Bingo, fort erie canada, Uncle Sams Bingo Hall.

Buffalo is home to the chicken wing (invented here), go to the Anchor Bar on Main St in downtown Buffalo.

Riverside park in Buffalo has a big carnival that weekend. There is also the Freindship Festival: Carnivals, fireworks, entertainment on both canada and usa side.

Hope this helps, need more info--I lived here all my life,

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