How Often Does It Snow In Kentucky?

when will the snow really start in virginia?

i moved 2 virginia from kentucky this year and my cousin lives here and they got snow on december 5th last year so i was wondering when will snow really start, not fluries a example is snow for sledding or stuff like that

It snowed like crazy last year. We had almost 2 feet of snow altogether it was crazy. We had school off for two weeks altogether, which made our summer vacation a little shorter. I dont think we're gonna see a lot of snow this year until February--- that's when the Farmer's Almanac is predicting it, and they get it right every year.

when does it start to snow in kentucky?

I wan't to know by when I should put some snow tires on my car. Around what part of what month does it usually start to snow here in Kentucky?

Nice question!

However, since you just mentioned "Kentucky" in general - there's plenty of dates to mention. Even though I don't know your location with respect to the rest of the state, your area will belong to one of the following vicinities:

The dates for the first 36F reading in the fall are the following:
-For northern KY, it can be between Sept 25th and Oct 5th
-For the Louisville area, it can be between Oct 5th and 15th
-For central KY, it can be between Oct 5th and 10th
-For southern KY, it can be between Oct 10th and 20th

The dates for the first 32F reading in the fall are the following:
-For northern KY, it can be between Oct 10th and 25th
-For the Louisville area, it can be between Oct 25th and 30th
-For central KY, it can be between Oct 15th and 25th
-For southern KY, it can be between Oct 20th and 30th

Based on this data, I would assume that the best time for you to change your tires would be around mid to late October. With freezing temperatures, it is possible to snow in that environment (but a major winter storm would most likely not occur). Otherwise, I would say that you'd be all right probably until mid to late November - then this may be a bit late. Again, I'm just basing this prediction for you based on the first freeze data. It may snow immediately after a freeze, or it may snow a few months after the first freeze. I'd say it's perfectly OK to be prepared early. But ultimately, it's your call.

I've included the link where I obtained the first freeze data for you. I gave you a brief explanation above, but I'd encourage you to look at it.

Hope this helps you!

Kentucky Local Tax?

Does Kentucky levy a local tax on where you live or where you work? A friend of mine lives in Ohio and works in Kentucky but had local Kentucky tax withheld from his pay (Boone County). Can he file a local return and get it back since he doesn't live there, or must he forfeit the withholdings? tma, very nice answer. He did this already and the state of Kentucky is not taxing him...Ohio is. But, for "local" taxation, Kentucky is still taxing him. Any thoughts?

Kentucky has a reciprocity agreement with Ohio in that he can elect to have his Kentucky wages taxed in his home state (Ohio). He would have to file form 740-NP-R for a refund of all Kentucky taxes withheld.

How common is it for tornadoes to occur in central Kentucky?

We just moved to Kentucky from NY where tornadoes rarely occur (I guess it is just too darn cold there). I was just wondering how often they happen in central KY (near Louisville) because they terrify me! Thanks!

Well, I live in Lexington,KY and lived in Harrodsburg for 18 years, and there's been a few come around here, some have been sighted, but few recently have dropped down. Mainly here in Kentucky you need to worry about the snow and icy roads more than anything. The stats will show KY as being higher, but you will only have to worry about them in the summer months of course (april may being worst) I can think of 2 bad ones that came through harrodsburg in the 18 years i lived there, and one really bad one in lexington. Louisville as far as i can remember hasn't been hit by a really bad one, lower Indiana got hit really bad one year, but I'd say your pretty save. Worst thing about Louisville is its rude drivers, but im sure if your from New York your probably use to it.

This first link gives the data for kentucky up until 1995 for tornadoes:

Another link:

When does it start to snow in South Korea and North Korea?

I just wanna know the Month it begins to snow and the Month it starts to stop snowing and the snow dissapears. For both countries.

I don't know well about North Korea, but I can answer half of your question. Usually the earliest snow falls in South Korea begin in late October or early November, but they are sparse and either don't stick or don't last long. They gradually increase in frequency in December. (In Seoul, there are usually 3 or 4 instances of falling snow in December.) The snow often doesn't last more than a few days even during the coldest months in Seoul, but you could find snow that is longer-lasting in the Kangwon Province which is the coldest area with the most mountains in South Korea. Most of the snow will have melted by late March. In case you are from the US, I would compare Seoul's climate to a state like Kentucky or southern Indiana for snowfall and temperatures and maybe more like Northern Indiana for the Kangwon Province. Sorry, I don't know about North Korea. I hope this helps.

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