How Often Does It Snow In Alaska?

How often does it snow in USA?

how often and where is the best place to live for snow, what about canada is that any better?

The further north you go in either country, the longer the winters are, so the longer the snow stays around. Alaska is the northern-most place in the USA, and Canada goes even further north than that.

There are places in Alaska (USA) and in Canada where the snow never goes away, and glaciers form.

If you want LOTS of snow at one time then go to Valdez, Alaska. They get snow so deep it's higher than the houses... all winter long. If you want snow for skiing, then Utah (USA) and British Columbia (Canada) are best known for that.

If you want a "white Christmas", then the statistically highest places in the USA are International Falls, Minnesota and Fairbanks, Alaska. I don't know what places in Canada are highest, but there are probably a lot of them.

In North America, the amount of snow that falls in a season varies from year to year depending on climate patterns like El Niño/La Niña, droughts, solar sunspot cycles, etc. This year we're not having as much snow as normal.

How can you sell a refrigerator to people in Alaska?

What would you say to people living in Alaska in order to make a refrigerator relevant for them? How would you advertise a refrigerator to them ?

You must think Alaskans live in igloo's, and it is always snowing here.
And a refrigerator is something not needed at all huh?
Well, here in Alaska they have regular stores that sell refrigerators.
And we do have summers here with temperatures that reach into the seventies, and sometimes see temps in the eighties mark where I am at, other places some do see eighties normally.
I get a kick out of people that think Alaska has snow coming down all year.
And people who ask if they need to exchange American money to some other currency, before they go to Alaska.
And ones who think the dog sled is the only means of transportation here.
And the ones that think all is Eskimo here in Alaska, we have Indians as well here in Alaska.
Well you go and get your refrigerator ads here in Alaska and bring us out of the primitive world, and introduce us into the modern world.

Can anyone in Alaska tell me what is great about living there?

I always wanted to live in Alaska and I think in the next year I will make that move! How is the Real Estate market there (I am a Realtor)? Just please give me all the details you can give me, like how cold it get's? How much snow and how often do it snow? Tell me about the area's, anything you can tell me is appreciated. Thank You Please only Alaska Residents answer this question, they live there and can give me great detail.

I just moved from Alaska 2 months ago. My husband and I were both real estate agents,I as a fulltime job and my husband did it as a second job. In Alaska you only have to attend a 20 hour course and take a state test to become an agent. Therefore, there are way too many agents. We ended up going bankrupt, we both worked for remax and paid them $3200 a month in fees. The market is bad, with alot of foreclouses taking place.
We lived near Anchorage, the coldest it got was -34. There were high winds up to 80 mph.The snow started in October and all melted by the end of May. I dont feel as it was an enomous amount of snow, it just never warmed up enough to melt it, so was there for long time. Then you have your 20-24 hours of darkness in the winter,depending on where you live.
I appreciated the fish, however I didnt feel as the hunting was worth a crap. I live in Idaho where there is bear,deer,elk and Moose. All i ever seen in ALaska was moose. Then theres the fact that 80% of the trees were leaf trees. I suppose I expected more.
My husband was Active duty Air force,he got out so we could move from Alaska. Best of luck.

what is the average temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska in the spring?

so what the average temperature there in the spring. and if your visiting there for a week, out of 7 days, how often would you wear snow pants? well probably sometime in early may

Spring in Fairbanks is defined just like anywhere else: when it is warm enough for the plants to start (or resume) growth. Ergo, no snow. Thus, the days you would wear snow pants would be ZERO.

Do you have some particular dates in mind? Did you mean during YOUR spring, rather than spring in interior Alaska?


just wondering does anyone know when it usually snows in anchorage, alaska...or when it usually snows anywhere......and what is snow like i just came from miami....

Looks like you may get some snowflakes tomorrow (saturday). If that opportunity passes, I am sure more signifcant chances will come in the next several weeks. Just gotta be patient! I'm waiting myself here in MN. Only a few flakes so far this year.

- Snow fan (Can you tell by name?)

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