How many points does lebron james average per game

What is Lebron James average points scored in one game?

I am a big Lebron James fan,but I just can't find the average points scored so can you please help me.

lebrons ppg or points per game average for this season is 28.4 points.

his career average is 27.5 points per game.

His career high in this category is 31.4 points per game in the 05/06 season.

All this info can be found by reading those page or following various notes.

the symbol for points per game is ppg, will help you navigate.

this is the link you should follow
hope i helped

What are your thoughts on Lebron James averaging just 14 points per game in the last 3 NBA Finals games?

Lebron James "the best player in the NBA" scored 17 points in game 3, 8 points in game 4, and 17 points in game 5. Lebron James is shooting just 36% from the field and 9% from 3pt in the last 3 games. I ask you would the best player in the NBA put up these numbers in the NBA Finals?

This is the turning point of the career. He has lost the little public support he still had. He has not backed up his talk on the court. This is the beginning of the downfall of LBJ, true character comes out in your toughest moments (the finals).

Is it possible Lebron James will be as good or better than Michael Jordan?

Also, which one would you choose for now? Lebron James as King James? Or Michael Jordan as Air Jordan?

Yes it is possible, Most people will disagree with you and say that NO one ever in history will ever be greater than Jordan, But in actuality the only reason why people consider Jordan the best is mostly because of his 6 championships and his scoring titles. Lebron actually has a better ability to score the basketball than Michael Jordan, Lebron is all about team work so he gives up some of his own looks at the basket for his teammates. He is all about making his team better.

Both were and are great leaders but lebron in my opinion is a much better leader than Jordan and did not make his teammates better like Lebron has done.

Lebron actually has the ability to score around 35- 38 points per game. Lebron is 3rd all time in career points per game.

Dont get me wrong Jordan changed the game of basketabll forevor his overall athletisism and dominate ability to score the basketaball. but lebron brings a another type of dominace to the game, he is practically unguardable no matter who you put on him and is on his way to break many records

2. Suppose NBA player LeBron James is averaging thirty points per game going into the last game of the season?

2. Suppose NBA player LeBron James is averaging thirty points per game going into the last game of the season in which he collects forty points, thereby changing his average for the season. To use an analogy in economics, it could be said that A. average product increases when total product increases. B. average product increases when marginal product exceeds average product. C. average product increases when average product exceeds marginal product. D. average product increases when marginal product increases. E. average product increases whenever marginal product is positive.

The answer is B.Average product will reach the maximum point when MP=AP. AP will increase when MP>AP, decrease when MP<AP. I'm not a fan of his game by the way.

who won this season between the heat and cavs? and who had more points? lebron james or dwayne wade?

what is the average of dwayne wades points and lebrons points when they match up with each other

The Cavs are 3-1 this season vs The Heat
Game 1: Lebron: 33pts, Wade: 29 pts Cavs win
Game 2: Lebron 38 pts, Wade 21 pts Heat win
Game 3: Lebron 42 pts, Wade 41 pts Cavs win
Game 4: Lebron 14 pts, Wade 25 pts Cavs win
Overall Lebron outscored Wade 127 to 116 in the 4 games they met, so lebron has 11 more points than wade in all of their meetings this year.

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