How Many Kids Does Yolanda Foster Have?

Why Did Yolanda Shot Selena?

Selena is one of my favorite singers. I can't believe she is young to died at the age of 23.

Yolanda was obsessed with Selena. She started off as president of her fan club and the was offered a newposition that put her in charge of funds. Selena's father noticed the missing money and mentioned to Selena that he believed Yolanda was stealing and planned on confronting her. Selena, not wanting to believe that was true, went to confront Yolanda herself. During the confrontation, Selena fired Yolanda. Yolanda was angry that her "idol" would push her away like that shot Selena. Selena managed to get to the lobby of the hotel and was able to tell the police Yolanda shot her, but Selena didn't survive.

Yolanda is serving life in prison.

Who really killed Selena Quintanilla? And where was she killed?

I have heard that an obsessed fan shot her,or a different story is that her manager did it, I am just not sure which one is true. I have also heard different stories about where she died, was it at a friend's house, a hotel or somewhere else??

Yolanda Saldivar murdered Selena. Yolanda managed Selena's boutiques and ran her fan club. She shot Selena when it was discovered that Yolanda had been stealing money from the fan club. Selena met Yolanda at a hotel to retrieve financial documents, and Yolanda shot her in a rage. Yolanda continues to give smug answers in interviews, and the disgusting woman really seems to enjoy the spotlight. May Selena rest in peace.

Can i become a foster parent if we own a pit bull?

My husband and i want to become foster parents and wanted to know if we will have problems with this because we own a pit bull. Shes very sweet and already use to kids. We live in Vermont. Can anybody help us with this? Please don't just tell us to call the State. We know how to do that! Thanks.

Although I know nothing about fostering a child, I am pretty sure you could foster a shelter animal! When you foster a shelter animal, you save them from getting euthanized. Hopefully the organization won't believe stereotypes about pit bulls and will let you foster a child.

how did Selena Quintanilla die?

i know she died but how did she die

Selena had a woman named Yolanda Saldívar working for her whose job was to manage Selena's fan club. Selena's family found out Yolanda was embezzling (stealing) money from the fan club and decided to fire her. A few weeks later Selena and Yolanda decided to meet at a motel, the object being that Selena needed Yolanda to hand over some financial documents she had been withholding. Selena demanded the important documents, and Yolanda drew a gun and aimed at Selena. As she tried to run away, Yolanda took aim and shot Selena in the shoulder which severed one of her arteries. Selena collapsed and was rushed to the hospital after a member of the motel staff called 911. Later that afternoon, Selena died in the hospital from loss of blood. Saldivar was accused of the murder and sentenced to life in prison. TRAGIC.

Is it true that Selena Quintenella Perez was killed because of her sexuality?

I always thought that Selena was heterosexual because the only real knowledge I have of her is from her biographical film in which she is portrayed by JLO but my boyfriends mother say's that Selena was killed because of her sexuality (she was having an affair with Yolanda Saldivar). Is there any fact in this or is it completely fiction?

no Yolanda shot her because Selena and her father found out that Yolanda was stealing money from fans. (fraud). Then Yolanda shot her in the back in a hotel in Corpus cristi TX and Selena lost allot of blood because she couldn't get a blood transfusion due to her religion. (Jehovah's Witness)

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