How Many Kids Does Yandy Have?

I need a shirt for a bachelorette party?

I am going to a "lingerie" bacelorette party....we are going to be going out though, so i'm not wearing lingerie-lingerie because I just wouldn't. I have been looking online and at the malls, but I can't find one. I want something that is lacy and sexy, but not tooo sexy. Any sites that you might have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! VERY cheap with quickquickQUICK shipping. Here's some that would probably work for your part: These are lingerie halter tops, a little risque Corsets, some are more revealing than others but all have a lingerie look Baby doll tops are probably what you're looking for-lingerie but able to be worn in public, not TOO sexy but still good :)

Best of luck :)

What should I dress for halloween? (easy question)?

I want to dress some thing sexy, and cute (its halloween relax im not a slut in reality) But i REALLY want to be a character from the little baby shows (like teletubbies, pooh...ect) So any ideas :)





Princess Peach: (not really a show character though)


which halloween out fit do you like better?

I am going to be strawberry shortcake for this halloween but I cant decide which outfit I like better.. Im tall and blonde. or

Lesson Learned:

If I ever have a kid, I am not letting them watch that show if that's really how Strawberry Shortcake looks.

The first, I suppose. I feel bad even looking at those pictures. :D

Love and hip hop cast zodiac?

What do you think is the zodiac sign of the love and hip hop cast ? K.michelle- Pisces Erica Mena- Scorpio Tahiry:Taurus Joe Budden: Virgo Peter: Capricorn Saigon: Cancer Yandy-....?(what do you think?) Tara-...? (What do you think ?) Amina-...?(what do you think ) Erica Jean-...?(what do you think ?) Rich dollaz-....? (What do you think ?) Nya Lee-....? (What do you think?)

Yandy and Amina are aries, Tara is a Virgo,and rich is a Leo....also Saigon is a Gemini...idk about the other people

What should I be for Halloween?

I'm still debating, its a hard choice on what I should wear... whatever costume I pick I'm going to wear fake lashes and long hair extensions and straighten them (my hair is blonde.) Here they are: 1.) 2.) 3.) (Karen Smith from Mean Girls.. on the right.) 4.) 5.) PS: For the mermaid costume I'm going to wear a starfish hair clip like McKenzie from The Real World: Thanks! :)

My condom.

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