How Many Kids Does Willie From Duck Dynasty Have?

What episode in Duck Dynasty is this?

What's the episode in Duck Dynasty where the family keeps shouting "willie! Willie! Willie!"? I remember watching that part but... cant' remember the episode name?

That's the Hawaii vacation episode. The guys are trying to get Willie to jump in the water.

Duck Dynasty costume?

for Halloween I'm being Phil from duck dynasty and I was wondering how to do that? it will probably be snowing so I'll want to be warm also how to be the others because my friends are being them. thank u! (we're only being Phil willie si and jace)

Duck Dynasty Costumes - how to make

Do they get paid for the Duck Dynasty ae show-ANY ONE KNOW HOW MUCH?

HOW MUCH THEY MAKE FROM THE SHOW IF ANY- DO AE PAY THEM --??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ANSWER ONE NOT AN ANSWER THANK U

American entrepreneur, reality television personality and CEO of Duck Commander, Willie Robertson, has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Willie and his family features on the A&E’s reality television series, “Duck Dynasty.” The Robertson family founded the company Duck Commander, Inc., which manufacture a variety of hunting products like duck decoys, duck calls, cooking DVDs ...

What is the difference between the TV shows; duck dynasty and duck commander?

There isn't much of a difference. It appears the the show Duck Commander that aired on the Outdoor channel was the same type of show as Duck Dynasty and obviously the inspiration for the now popular reality show Duck Dynasty. A&E likely saw this show and signed the family to make Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty began airing in 2012, Benelli Presents Duck Commander aired in 2009 and 2010.

what is duck dynasty?

i heard of it b4 but i dk wat it is

A show on A&E I believe. It's one of my favorite shows. It's a big family who makes duck calls. They are FILTHY rich. Willie is the CEO of the company. He has two other brothers, Jase and Jep. (Jep doesn't talk much. He is the youngest.) Jase is hilarious! Anyway, their father's name is Phil and their mother's name is Mrs. Kay. Mrs. Kay is an excellent cook. Si is Willie's uncle I think. Si is a bit old, but boy does he crack me up! Well... yeah. Here is the website:

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