How Many Kids Does Tiny Have?

How many kids do TI have?

He was on some BET award show when someone ask him or told him better yet i heard you had 10 kids TI looked and i dont know if he said yes or no but i think he does and he has 1 on the way so dat will be #11..................?????????????

T.I. was dating Tameka "Tiny" Cottle from 90's group Xscape. They have a son together named Clifford aka King and a daughter who were to be born in June died at stillbirth late night on March 21, 2007. Tiny also has another daughter Zonnique that T.I. claims. He has 3 other children, their names are Messiah Harris (son), Domani Harris (son), and Deyjah Harris (daughter). T.I. and Tiny ended their longterm relationship on March 18,2007.

Full story of elf on the shelf?

i have been seeing some youtube videos about "the elf on the shelf" can someone tell me the story of the elf on the shelf?

"Tiny Elf had a Tiny shelf.
He loved that Shelf and they went everywhere together, laughing and playing all throughout their tiny land.
Then, one day, Tiny Raven Swooped Down and stole the Tiny Shelf. This made Tiny Elf very sad but he decided that he would be brave.
So, the next day, he walked up the tiny mountain.
Crossed though the Tiny Valley
Climbed up the Tiny Tree
And Shanked Tiny Ravens Tiny Bitch Ass
Ain't no one fucks with Tiny Elf
Ain't no one."
It is quite a heartwarming story.

What exercises are safe for kids?

I'm watching Ti and Tiny's reality show and they're having the kids do workouts (a fitness challenge,) while expecting the four year old to work as hard as the other kids. He's probably not too serious when he said that but it makes me wonder, what is the appropriate amount or type of exercise for children?


all kids should learn to swim.. if my hair weren't so damaged, i'd still be swimming. great way to stay in shape and you get to be in water. also it can even save a life one day, maybe.

how you been?

BET watchers!! What do you think of that show Tiny & Toya?

It seems like everyone's getting a reality show now (like T.O. and other celebrities) and its making me not want to watch tv anymore cause thats always whats on. And these new shows like Tiny and Toya and Wendy Williams... to me personally are whack...but what do you think?

It sucks. Seriously I don't care about Toya or Tiny. Tiny was with the singing group Xscape, they were hot in the 90s, what now. So I guess you have to be the girl or the ex-girl of a famous rapper and you automatically have star status, no!!!!!! Stop the madness!!!!!! I watched an episode with my sister and was bored to tears.That was 30 minutes I will never get back. All it is was Toya talking about her crackhead mother and Tiny sitting over her parents house with her kids, that is everday life for some people, but for some reason BET thought it would be more interesting since these two have been or been with rappers. Give me a break and give me some real entertainment!!!!! BET has fell off big time.

Why would Tiny Tim in the movie A chrismas Carol die?

Was it not said? Or did I miss it?

In the book, Tiny Tim's disease is never revealed but it is revealed by Christmas Present that Tiny Tim is sick.

Christmas Future shows Tiny Tim dying if things did not change.

But because Scrooge changes, Tiny Tim does not actually die...

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