How Many Kids Does Ti Have?

why do kids have kids?

i dont understand why kids are haveing kids. were are the parents and why are they not there to stop them and tel them what is right? i am not trying to make any one mad at me just wnat to know what other know on this. thanks

Kids age 10 -12 thats just a scary thought obviously no parenting there, beyond that though kids are harder to control parents cant keep track of them 24/7 and its hard to know when kids are actually doing what they say they are gunna do. As for the kids, boys are sex crazed all the time, and girls at that age arent so sex crazed but they are boy crazed and they often will do whatever that boy of they're dreams wants them to do. Kids just aren't the clearest thinkers all the time.

Do skinny kids bully fat kids?

The skinny kids aren't scared of the fat kids? Aren't the fat kids bigger?

Skinny kids pick on fat kids.

Fat kids pick on skinny kids.

Short kids pick on tall kids.

Tall kids pick on short kids.

Kids will find any reason to pick on someone. It doesn't matter about what it is.

Racist kids at school saying obama will kill the white babies. What to say to my kids?

Some racist republicans are telling their kids that Obama will kill white babies when he's elected, and these kids are going around the school scaring everyone else. What should I say to my kids about these idiots?

Same thing I told my kids when they were little and the racist republicans tried to scare them (we live in an area where this happens often). I said that those kids were simply wrong, and should be quietly corrected or ignored.

And my kids got in fights over it. But they weren't scared...they were pissed.

Why is the fattest player ever to be in the NBA doing a fat camp tv show for kids?

The kids should lecture Shaq on being too fat. He makes all the kids look skinny.

Cut him some slack on this one. Maybe he'll actually help some of these kids. Of course, he COULD have helped them without getting his silly self on tv again...
Who d'you suppose is paying him?

Did John Wayne spank his wives and his kids?

He spanks females in 2 of his movies - McClintock and Donovan's Reef, and threatens in several other films. Did he spank his 3 wives, and his own kids in real life?

Everybody spanked their kids back then. That's why kids then grew up as better well behaved people than in todays times. Kids in this generation are pansies. Parents need to spank more. lol

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