How Many Kids Does Steven Tyler Have?

Is Steven Tyler really going to sue Aerosmith?

I saw on Yahoo that Steven was going to sue Aerosmith if they replace him. I just hope it won't go any further than just bickering. It breaks my heart when I see things like "Steven Tyler checks back into rehab." or maybe "Aerosmith breaking up."! It becomes a bad for an Aerosmith fan such as myself! Opinions please!


But I don't really know. I don't get into stuff like that.

But why in the hell will they replace Steven?! Steven IS Aerosmith, imo.

Replacing Steven. That makes me LOL!

Has anyone noticed Steven Tyler mouthing words as he looks at the TV camera, on Idol?

I have been noticing every time the camera is on the judges, Steven Tyler will look at the camera and mouth words like he is talking to someone he knows that is watching Idol at home. The show is almost over with now but I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed him doing that.

I've been noticing that too!! Someone said that he was telling his kids that he loved them???

Which video or videos does Steven Tyler of Aerosmith do a backflip?

My mom and I have been looking at a few of them, but we cannot find one where he does a backflip. We googled it, but it just shows up as some kid named Steven Tyler. Thanks!

love in an elevator i believe

What does was steven tyler addicted to?

What drugs was Steven Tyler addicted to back in the seventies and eighties. I heard cocaine and pot...But I was wondering if there were anything else he done heavily. Please someone help me!

cocaine, pot and heroine.

Is Steven Adler (Guns N Roses ex-drummer) bisexual????

hey guys, I just read that in It says: "In a 2006 interview with the website Metal Sludge Adler confessed to being bisexual and told the highly satiristic website that he had a fling with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and went on to describe oral sex with Tyler in detail. Tyler has not being asked to comment on this officially." However, at the end of these sentences, it says "citation needed". What do you think about this???

interesting i did not know this... oh well GNR still rocked until they split... would've been nice if they stayed together as the original line-up either way the band's personal lives makes no difference to me.

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