How Many Kids Does Shawn Kemp Have?

How many wives and kids did Osama Bin Laden have?

Was he kind of the Shawn Kemp of the Middle East in terms of having lots of kids from different 'sources.'? Kemp was notorious for fathering many kids with different women.

According to Wikipedia, he had 20 Children and 3 Wives.

NBA talk: who was better shaw kemp and gary. or chris paul and blake griffen. who do you think.?

I say gary and shawn, because they were so good the other team got upset and lose the game. they both went to finaly vs MJ team and almost won a ring. but chris paul and blake are good but they never made it to the finaly before, what do you think. I am 18. my friend think chris paul and blake are better then those to

Frankly, if Paul & Griffin weren't known for throwing alley-oops, there would be no such comparison between Paul & Griffin and Payton & Kemp. Gary Payton & Shawn Kemp lead their team to the finals and pushed the NBA record 72-10 Chicago Bulls to 6 games. On the other hand, Paul & Griffin haven't reached a level of success anywhere close to the 1995-1996 SuperSonics in their tenure in Los Angeles. Not only have Payton & Kemp took their team to the finals and undoubtedly created a dynasty in Seattle, they have had much more individual success then Paul & Griffin. Additionally, "the Glove's" defense is probably the best ever for a PG, and their is no doubt that Gary Payton can score, pass, and do basically everything that he needed too. While, Shawn 'Reignman" Kemp was also nothing short of amazing during his time with the SuperSonics, he is notorious for his extreme dunks, and also little less famous for his nice short-med range shot and his all-around game. Overall, Chris Paul & Blake Griffin are no match for Gary Payton & Shawn Kemp. They certainly have the potential to be an amazing duo like Kemp & Payton, but as of 2013, there is no competiton between these two duos and it's gonna take a lot for Paul & Griffin to convince me they have a chance.

Oh and please, do your friend a favor and make sure he has an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals for proper brian function.

What is your estimate on how many kids Shawn Kemp has?

Enough to start a 6 team kids b-ball league?

I agree that he was an awesome player to watch when he was ballin' in Seattle, but about the issue at hand I think he has 20 by 6. Let us count:

My mom= 1
His crack dealer= 1
Some Random hoe in Cleveland= 1
Some Random hoe in Houston= 1
Some Random hoe in Miami= 1
Your mom= 1
Octo- mom= 8
John and Kate's sextuplets= 6

I think that's all of them!

Who was mr. yin on the psych season 4 finale?

I was watching the season finale of psych, and the ending just wasn't clear. I'd really appreciate an explanation of what happened... Thanks!

the episode ended with Mr.Yin stroking a picture of Yang and shawn when he was a kid (young Shawn). it's kinda creepy if you think about it, because they both , yin and yang, have to have a sick obsession with shawn. i think Mr. Yin was married to Mr. Yang... or Mrs. Yang... anywayz, they did the crimes together, and when Mr. Yang was caught, Mr. yin didn't now what to do since he had someone he loved taken away from him. SO he decided to take someone that shawn loved. Mr. Yin is someone probably that knows shawn, works close to him, but not so much that we would notice him. I know for sure its not Mcnab or abigail, or henry...welll thats just my guess, hope that helps a little........oh and the picture wasn't actually a real picture of shawn and Mr. Yang together. It was a cut out of shawn that he probably glued together. Mr. Yin probably wants Shawn to be his son, and that to be his family, Mr. Yang, Shawn, and him.

How much are Flair uncut basketball cards worth?

I think they're 1994 USA basketball team the sheet has 20 cards on it uncut and includes Shawn Kemp Shaq Reggie Miller Tim Hardaway and some more, and the haven't been open

more than 50

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