How Many Kids Does Philip Rivers Have?

How many kids are too many? I just heard Philip Rivers is about to have his 7th kid.?

I just heard Philip Rivers is about to have his 7th kid. How many are too many?

5+ are just too many. I read an article on yahoo the other day about how the couple who has 19 or 20 kids wants one more after having a miscarriage and the fact that their last baby was born prematurely.. ridiculous. It's funny to me when people say as long as you're financially stable, you can never have too many. I doubt the Duggar family gets to spend time with each child, figure out their likes and dislikes, and bond with them on a daily basis. Their older kids are raising their newborns. It's hilarious.

Philip Rivers new contract?

Philip Rivers just signed a 6 yr $92 million contract extention. Do you think he's worth the money?

yessssss!!!! im so glad he got this deal, he has earnt every penny of it! now philip and i can go buy an oceanfront mansion together! ;D

if you had to have one qb for the next three years, would you take philip rivers or Kirk Cousins?

(ignore contract details and all other team are getting the qb for the next 3 years on a random team)

Philip Rivers is an asshole who has proven he cannot win anything. From what I have seen of Cousins, he looks better than Rivers. Not just on the playing field but personality and work ethic wise too. The Chargers might wanna think of trading for him because if I was in that position I would do it.

How did Phillip II rule?

Good, bad? how.

Philip II of Macedon? Philip II Philoromaeus? Philip II of France? Philip II of Navarre? Philip II of Taranto ? Philip II, Duke of Burgundy? Philip II, Duke of Savoy? Philip II of Spain? Philip II of Portugal? Or maybe Philippe II, Duke of Orléans?

Philip Rivers wearing a Texas Tech shirt?

During the interviews before the AFC Championship, Philip Rivers is wearing a sweater with the Texas Tech emblem on it. Anyone know his association with the school?

Erin C is right --- Rivers played against Texas Tech in 2002 and Texas Tech Head Coach Basketball Bobby Knight gave him a signed sweater.

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