How Many Kids Does Lamar Odom Have?

Who has more bargaining power at the moment Lamar Odom or the LA Lakers?

Lakers has offered Lamar Odom $24 million for 3 years which is $8 million and he will not accept. Sources say Odom is looking at $30 million for 3 years or around $32 million for 4 years and the Lakers have been adamant in keeping their current offer as it is. What will happen in the end will the Lakers offer more money or years on contract or will Lamar Odom go to another team such as Miami, Portland, or Dallas?

its gotta be Odom has way more power, the lakers cant afford to lose odom because that seriously jeapordizes their chances of repeating

Lamar Odom?

How long is Lamar Odom out? Will he be back for playoffs?

Lamar Odom most likely will be done for the season. This is the same shoulder that keep him out of the final 17 games the 2004-05 season. He will see s shoulder specialist tomorrow to see if the shoulder is really bad or not than they will decide whether or not to have surgery.

Did Lamar Odom divorce Khloe because she's fat?

did Lamar Odom divorce Khloe Kardashian because she's overweight?

He is gay.

Him rapping about DL (down low) with a shirtless guy... He is obviously gay.
glad Khloe Is out of there!!!

What has happen with LaMar Odom did he really decide to leave Los Angeles?

We don't know for sure yet. Lamar Odom wants around $10 million dollars. The Lakers offered him less than that so Lamar isn't interested in that deal. I think he's now looking for a team who will offer him $10 million dollars.

who makes more money kim kardashian or her brother in-law lamar odom?

my husband and i are haing a little debate, he thinks lamar odom makes more money than kim kardashian, but i think kim kardashian makes more money than lamar odom. she has the clothing line, perfume, reality show and modeling, lamar only plays basketball, so i was wondering who makes more money and who is worth more.

My guess would be Kim.

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