How Many Kids Does Judge Judy Have?

What is a funny and popular subject that middle school kids like?

Ok, I'm writing a skit that's a parody of Judge Judy for school, and it needs to be funny. I don't know what it should be about. Please help; I have no idea. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!

Here are some Judge Judy comics from a website. The website has a lot of Judge Judy comics. Maybe this helps:

Between his jokes about poisoning Nancy Pelosi and his accusations of President Obama being a racist, Glenn Beck has been serving up the crazy—more than usual—lately. Judge not, Glenn, lest we be judged by Judge Judy.

Poll: Do u ever watch Judge Judy and....?

♥ think about how hot she is, haha jk!!!!! an u wonder of ud be one of those sweaty peopel who are all nervous if u were in her court. i hope she wudnt ask me whats 2x2

OMG! I love Judge Judy - not at all in a sexual attractive way, but she is def a funny, smart and cool judge to me. She says things to the idiotic people on there that I am screaming out in my head at them. Like when some dead-beat dad says to Judge Judy, "I should be paid from my wife for babysitting my little daughter because we are divorced and she has full custody." I'm like... so what you loser that is still your daughter you don't get compensation for that and good old judge Judy says that. Love her. LOL! Cheers!

judges like judge judy?

Do judges have the right to talk to people in such a derogatory many as Judge Judy does. I have no respect for someone that uses her power to walk on other people. Has any one ever told her to treat them with respect.

Judges think they can treat anyone like rubbish. Judge Judy is a TV show for ratings and its all about the $$$$.

She is a brilliant Judge though, but technically if she treated the litigants that way in other courts, she would be asked to recuse herself. It would be up to her to decide if she would.

Police Officers, Lawyers, and Judges hear it all and see it all. They get tired of having to deal with the same certain people all the time. They get lied to, abused themselves to a point and it takes its toll. But no one should be humiliated to the point of what Judge Judy does.

Arrogance plays another factor of why certain people get treated like something that should be scrapped off your shoe. Give certain people a little power and they think they rule the world.

who is judge Judy?

Judge Judy is a real retired judge that has a daily TV show that is hosting her courtroom. Her court act as a regular court and what ever she decide is a court rolling

What does Judge Judy makes per year?

Judge Judy Gets $45 Million a Year
Aug 12, 2010 – Judge Judy somehow makes 45 MILLION DOLLARS. Per year. ....

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