How Many Kids Does Jessica Simpson Have?

Does anyone else think Jessica Simpson actually looks good now?

With her weight gain, Jessica Simpson looks natural and more beautiful in my opinion. When she was a toothpick she just seemed unnatural and out of place. Does anyone else share this view?

Yes, I think she looks 100% better. Of course there still isn't much going on between the ears!

What do you think of Jessica Simpson's use of this phrase?

What is your opinion on Jessica Simpson's use of the term "Indian Giver"? Didn't you ever use that term when you were a kid? I did. I think everyone blows everything said out of context myself.

I have heard the saying 'Indian giver' before and have used it all the time not just when I was a kid. I am not aware of Jessica Simpson's remark, but I can only guess that someone took exception to the Indian part. It is another case of PC gone mad, it is not a racist remark of such like it is just a saying for goodness sake, pc again.

What does my name jessica mean?

The meaning of the name Jessica is God Beholds

The origin of the name Jessica is Hebrew

Alternate spellings: Jessika, Jyssica, Jesyka

Notes: Name invented by Shakespeare for the daughter of a Jewish merchant in 'The Merchant of Venice'. He probably derived it from Jesca (Yiska), the name of a minor Biblical character. Jessica Biel, actress. Jessica Simpson, singer. Jessica Tandy, actress.

Who is the female that sings the chorus in the new Eminem song?

the 'Jessica Simpson' part, does she really sing it?

Charmagne Tripp is the female who provides the vocals, and Trisha Paytas plays the role of Jessica Simpson in the music video.

Jessica Simpson...?

Is Jessica spending too much time being a character and not enough time being a country singer?

You know what I dislike about Jessica Simpson? She's inauthentic. You're right she is a character. Artists often time eventually branch into alternative genre's of music for creativity or to capture a different type of audience. Jessica, however, is going country cause she can't seem to make a dime in the pop world. That just makes me sick. What happened to the sexy outfits? Oh that's right, the country music scene is much more conservative so she has to cover up. She's willing to alter who she is based upon what image sells and that just is downright disappointing.

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