How Many Kids Does Jackie Christie Have?

Since Chris Christie is most likely to be Romney's VP pick is that a sure to win Ticket?

He said he won't rule it out! That probably means he is gonna be Romney's VP! Romney's polls numbers will SKYROCKET having Christie! I wonder who Ron Paul would pick for a VP? I can't think of anyone who agree's on his foreign policy, although I still like the guy and think he would be 100% better than Obumer is! Now that we are losing Iraq to terrorists because of Obama, we midas well just leave the middle east anyway and build up our defense here for when they come to attack us.

Christie who lost millions of dollars in education aid for failure to fill out the form ?
Other states managed to get it done right.

The same Christie that canceled hundreds of construction jobs building a new tunnel to NYC so commuters could get to work and consumers get to shopping in NJ,because he took the short term view on toll revenues ?

The Christie that allowed Camden to lay off 40% of it's police because of the budget,and then takes a state helicopter to his sons little league game ?

Doug Christie who cut funding to public schools,while sending his kids to private school and told a New Jersey mother who questioned him about his judgment told her "It was none of her business,and that he didn't ask her where her kids went to school."

Keep trolling Christie staff member.
Mine data on what issues need wrangling.
What you need is a Men in Black neuralizer,too bad we have sunglasses.

Was Jackie Kennedy a gold digger?

Now don't get me wrong, but I still admire Jackie's charm and JFK's leadership. Like I can't even describe how much I adore them, like I wish they were alive right now! Anyways I was reading this book about their history together and I was a little surprised to see the bright wonderful little jackie grow from her youth and into adulthood, marrying JFK, and then basically using his money for clothes and such. I'm not saying she did that 24/7, but don't you think she got that from her mother, "how you have to rely on men for financial support"? Even after John's death, she married an exclusive man whom gave her $25 million after his death. I mean really? Also since she was on nicotine because of her depression, she died early in life and left 2 precious children behind. I'm just so confused, is she that bad of a woman?

Well, Jackie's family were reasonably well-to-do, but nothing like the Kennedys. I used to know Jackie's personal secretary. She told me Jackie insisted on having her nylon stockings ironed. Does that tell you anything about Jackie? I would call her...shallow. To my knowledge, she never supported any charity or movement that benefitted others. I remember seeing her kids, one time, at a Washington-area park -- they were in the company of Secret Service guys, not their parents. And IMO the kids' clothes were mismatched. Some mom, huh?

As one of the other posters put it, she was a woman of her time. "Marrying well" (meaning marrying $$$) was seen as a symbol of success.

Would Christie's minions have acted the way they did (shutting down the GW Bridge) if they thought...?

....for a moment, that it would upset their boss? Wouldn't a rational person come to the conclusion that they did what they did because they were under the impression that Christie would be HAPPY with them?

No, of course not. the only thing the story lacked was a photo of the employees standing in front of the stacked up cars with a big smile on their faces and two thumbs up. I find it hard to conclude that Christie didn't know about it.

What are the dates that Jackie Robinson's children were born?

i'm doing a time line on him for school and need to know these dates i have the years but i need the month and the day his kids are Jackie jr, Sharon, and David

Jackie Robinson Jr. (born November 18, 1946)

Sharon Robinson (born January 13, 1950)

David Robinson (born May 14, 1952)

Good Luck!!

How did Jackie chan die?

Guys i really need to know how Jackie chan die today? 2012. Please please please please help me

Jackie Chan is not dead. Reports of his death are a hoax.

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