How Many Kids Does Isiah Thomas Have?

Isaiah Thomas or Chris Paul?

Seeing as they are similar in almost every category, who is better in specific ones, Isaiah Thomas or Chris Paul? Rebound: Assist: Scoring: Size: Speed: Skills: Shooting: Clutch: Defense Overall: Steals: Blocks: OK, i dont think you guys understood the question, in EACH category, pick who you think is better in each. doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out. LOOK, im not talking about who has more rings and stuff, I wannaknow SKILL wise ppl. dont even bring rings into this conovo.

Rebound: Chris Paul
Assist: Chris Paul
Scoring:Chris Paul
Size: Isiah Thomas
Speed: Isiah Thomas
Skills: Isiah Thomas
Shooting: Isiah Thomas
Clutch: Isiah Thomas
Defense Overall: Chris Paul
Steals: Chris Paul
Blocks: Isiah Thomas

Overall, Isiah is better, but paul could be better in the future

Who else laughed their head off at Isiah Thomas's prediction that him & the Knicks will win a Championship?

Is he reallly that lost & in denial? Right now a bunch of pre k kids can beat his sorry team.

Dude I laughed so hard. He really needs to realize that they are not Championship material at all. They will not even make it to the playoffs and if for some reason they do then the questions I have about whether or not the NBA is rigged sometimes will be answered. I think that Isiah Thomas should hang his head and put his tail between his legs and hope that people remember him for his years with the Pistons instead of the damage he has caused in New York.

How can I get a job like Isahia Thomas?

He makes $18M dollars a year. He has no job title. He is not allowed to have any contact with the players on the team. No one in the organization has to report to him. He has been given absolutately no responsibility. Where can I apply?? Seriously, what in the hell is going on with the Knicks?

LOL. It all starts at the top. James Dolan is a spoiled rich daddy's boy, with little clue on how to run a lemonade stand let alone the most valuable franchise in the NBA. There outta be a rule against people who buy teams and then let their kids run the thing without going through the same approval process as when they bought the team in the first place, but I guess that would be un-American and anti-capitalist. Dolan probably thinks that he is the one responsible for the success of the Rangers, when we all know it is Glen Sather, who was already in place before little Dolan took over (thank goodness). Probably one of the reasons he stubbornly stuck with Isiah for all those years (Isiah Thomas is no Glen Sather!). Apparently, Isiah has conned his way into baby Dolan's good graces, and now, he just can't admit that he was wrong. Pathetic. I wonder if he realizes that Knicks fans hate his guts. That is why I am not yet convinced that the Knicks will turn this thing around. Unfortunately, Isiah was not the only problem.

Sorry about the rant, Mick...

Which Second Year"r" would you rather have on you favorite NBA team?

Klay Thompson or Isiah Thomas? I'm from Seattle, so I like it when players from local colleges are succesful in pro sports. I've also noticed they are in the top 100 for fantasy basketball.

Klay Thompson

The team I like already have too many PG's and Klay Thomas can alternate between SG & SF, so Klay is the obvious choice for me.

What happened in the Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks game?

I've been watching the Cavs, and the Miami heat vs. Boston today and all they did was talk about how the Knicks were so embarrassed last night. They said they shouldn't be in the NBA anymore. They said Isiah Thomas should hang his head in shame and walk out before he's angrily fired. So what's this all about? I happened to miss the game.. Thanks for any answers...

The Knicks lost 104-59. It was depressingly pathetic.

If not for a late buzzer 3 by Nate Robinson it would have been the WORST offensive performance in the shot clock era by any team. The players basically quit and Isiah Thomas didn't even try to rally them (and I doubt he would have been able to). It was an ultimate low.

Some sad stats:
Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce all sat out the 4th quarter and the Celtics still outscored the Knicks 22-18. Glen Davis, averaging 8.6 min per game, had 31 min. The only player in double figures for the Knicks, Nate Robinson 11 points. The last time during the game the Knicks were within 10 points was 4:11 remaining in the first quarter.

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