How Many Kids Does Gordon Ramsay Have?

Hells Kitchen?

So there is really going to be a Hell's Kitchen starting on June 25/07? Thanks everyone for your answers I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves that some and YES RAMSEY IS AN ***HOLE

I did hear that Season three would be starting in June. Actually, if you look at some of the Brit shows with Gordon Ramsay, he's not really that big of a jerk although he does curse a lot. He just has high standards which is why he is where he is. He was the youngest person to receive three Michelin stars. If you watch his show, appropriately titled "The F Word" you'll see a different side of him. There is also a show called "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" where he helps failing restaurants turn themselves around. He can be brutally honest and abrupt, but when you see some of the knuckleheads and the poor sanitation practices they follow, you'll understand why. On one show, the chef fed Ramsay a rancid scallop which he promptly threw up.

Gordon Ramsay Killing Turkeys?

There is a Youtube video of Gordon Ramsay killing his pet turkeys and bringing them into his kitchen to cook on an episode of The F Word. Does anyone know the EXACT link for that video? I know it is there because I have seen it before. I just can't find it again. Thanks!! I found the full episode on the Food Networks website. The original YouTube video with just the turkeys dying was removed, hence why I couldn't find it.

Here is the turkey pooping in his kitchen:

Here is the prep:

He also raised his own pigs for slaughter as well, I don't think I'd call either his pets, good to see a chef willing to directly acknowledge the entire process or how meat gets to a kitchen and later a plate.

How many swear words can you throw into a sentence?

Can you top Gordon Ramsay?

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Will Gordon Ramsay's show 'Kitchen Nightmares' be returning?

Fox has stated that Kitchen Nightmares will be returning for a third season in the U.S. however, no set start date has been announced.

What are some of the names Marianas Trench used to be called?

I know they changed their band name a lot. What are the names/ some of the names that their band used to be called? x)

Marianas Trench have not changed their band name since before Chad Kroeger got them signed with his record Company. They have three studio CD's called Fix Me, Masterpiece Theatre, and Ever After. Yes, Chad did get them their record label! Before anything was recorded Josh Ramsay was in a band called Ramsay Fiction. See below quote from Wikipedia:

"Lead singer, guitarist, producer, and lyricist Joshua Ramsay (Born June 11th, 1985) grew up in a musical family, with his mother being a vocal coach and his father owning a recording studio. Ramsay also shared the love of music and started a solo career at the age of 14. He later needed a supporting band and recruited high school friend, Matt Webb. Josh Ramsay attended high school at Magee Secondary School. Together they formed a band named Ramsay Fiction.[2]

After disbanding Ramsay Fiction, Ramsay and Webb searched for new band mates. Ramsay found drummer Ian Casselman's wanted ad in the Georgia Straight. Through Casselman, they found Mike Ayley as bassist. Casselman and Ayley had previously played in a band together. The foursome chose the name Marianas Trench for their band. After much perseverance they were signed under 604 Records, owned by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, and Jonathan Simkin of Simkin Management."

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