How Many Amps Does The Ipad Draw?

What is the KVAR Component? Please send the websites whear will i get about this?

What is this KVAR component? Please explain full details about this. Why is this call as wattless component?

KVAR is kilo-volts-amps-reactive.

You don't need a website, you need a textbook. Something like Floyd's "Principles of Electric Circuits". Look for 621.3192 on the public library shelf.

Watts are volts times amps across a resistor.
volt-amps are across an inductive or capacitive load, where current and voltage are at right angles to each other (one is delayed by 90°), so the wattage is zero.

Draw a "power triangle". Draw VAR on the Y axis. Draw Watts on the X axis. Draw the hypotenuse, as VA. Of course, you can multiply the whole thing by kilo- if you like.

Ipod touch, ipad, or ipod nano?

I don't know what to get im more on the nano side right now, but does the pod nano hold the same amount of amps as the pod touch? And are they similar? I know the ipad would be nice to have with a bigger screen for drawing, but the nano fits nice in a pocket, and the touch is medium. Is the nano ipad and touch basically all the same, just different sizes? The main function for the ipad would be for music and phone calls/texts (certain amps can be used as phones), also I will play games and be able to take pictures. Plus the nano is $150, the touch is like $250 and the ipad is like $350. Which should I get?

Don't get nano if you want games and texting. So it depends on what you want a bigger screen for more money or smaller screen for less. Personally I like iPad

what is the difference between tube amps and other amps?

im looking to buy an amp head but im not really sure on the tonal differences with a tube amp and solid state amps or which one would be better

tube amps are the same as valve amps. bassically, those are amps that use valves, which is like the precursor to the transistor. transistor amps, which are the other kind, use transistors, so they are generally smaller because valves are a lot larger than transistors. valve amps also slightly distort the sound in a fuzzy kind of way, which some people prefer. they're also usually more expensive than transistor amps, so beginners don't usually get them. umm, i usually just stick to cheap amps, so they're transistor (solid state) amps.
most modern amps use transistors, but if you listen to old recordings (like, 1950s to 1970s) most of the guitars will be using tube (valve) amps.

hope that helped

someone who knows a lot about Apple iPads and iPhones help!?

okay, so when i use my iPhone charger to charge my iPad ( i dont know where my iPad charger is), it says "not charging" in the top right corner of the iPad? why is this? and is the iPad actually charging because it doesnt seem to die even though it is supposed to be not charging" very confused! please help, choosing a best answer:-)

The iPhone/iPod charger outputs 1 amps.
The iPad charger outputs 2 amps.
Both chargers are 5 Volts and work fine for charging the other devices. The device being charged only draws the current it requires at that time, same as why all devices charge slower when plugged into a computer or vehicle charger.

It sounds like you may have a faulty dock connector on your iPad, unless it's just dirty.
Give the dock connector a good blow (or used compressed air) and use something small to free any loose dirt or dust. Sometimes bits of dust collect and you end up with small balls of dust/junk - this is more common in iPhones/iPods when they are in your pocket though.

Are tube amps louder than solid-state amps?

and how do they sound different?

YES. tube amps are louder.

tube amps sound better than solid state amps mainly because they use vacuum tubes to power the amp and at the preamp section. unlike solid state amps which use transistors and diodes that drastically color your tone in a bad way, making it sound sterile and processed.

to the answerer below me: if you think a cheap amp would sound like a tube amp then you're an amateur. solid state amps also have built in distortion, not just tube amps, and tube amps are actually better at both clean sounds and overdriven. you sir are very misinformed and uneducated about gear.

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