How Long Does The Ipad Keep History?

Ipad 2 or ipad 4? Help!?

Which one should i get? I've been wanting to get an ipad recently, but quite confused on which ipad to get since a lot of people say that ipad 2 is much better as it does not get warm after long usage. Also that the retina display, camera and speed are pros of the new ipad...but should i really get the new ipad (ipad 4)? and is it really a good deal and worth for these minor changes?

What about the iPad 3? It combines the best of both: no overheating, has retina diplay, still a fast chip, etc. I have one and it works great--I haven't had any problems with it. IPersonally I think the iPad 4 isn't worth it. It's a few hundred dollars more than the iPad 3, for only a updated camera and a faster chip. I say it's not a good deal. So the best choice would be an iPad 3, but if not get an iPad 2. :)

should i buy a ipad 3?

since i saw the ipad 2 i was dying for it! but now that the ipad 3 is also here so i was thinking abwt buying that. should i?

The ipad 2 and ipad 3 are exactly the same in software, provided apps, size, features and etc. The only difference about the ipad 3 is the high definition resolution of it's touch screen, display and camera making it more responsive. This is why ipad 3's catchline is "Resolutionary". I have an ipad 2 and it works marvelously for typing, games, browsing and whatsoever. This all depends whether you want to save money on ipad 2 that is just as good as ipad 3 but ipad 3 is still better in its "resolutionary" theme. iPad 3 also has 4g while iPad 2 only supports 3g. However, 4g is much more expensive than 3g.

When will the Ipad 4 release?

I know I'm getting ahead of myself but the Ipad 3 is more than likely releasing in March and I was just curious of how long it would be tell the Ipad 4 was released? I want the Ipad 3 but if the Ipad four is going to release within a year after the 3rd I would rather just wait it out? Anyone have any idea? Thanks a bunch

iPad 1 - April 2010
iPad 2 - March 2011
iPad 3 - March 2012*
iPad 4 - March/April 2013

Apple usually follows a yearly release schedule. So around this time next year is when the iPad 4 would be speculated for a release.


Is the new ipad, ipad 3?

I'm wondering what is the "new ipad". At Walmart a couple months ago they sold me the "new ipad" I am curious what it really is tho

This 'new iPad' is what Apple used to market the iPad 3. However, and iPad 4 was released in October, marketed as the 'iPad w/retina display'.

It goes like this;

iPad (1st iPad, April 2010)
iPad 2 (2nd iPad, March 2011)
'the new iPad' (3rd iPad, March 2012)
'iPad w/retina display' (4th iPad, October 2012)

iPad mini is completely separate deviation of the product line, and is currently a 1st generation product.

The 5th iPad, is rumoured for later than expected release of October 2013.

Ipad air 16GB or ipad mini 2 32GB?

Should I order the iPad air 16GB for Christmas or the IPad Mini 2 32GB for christmas, I can spend £399 so iPad air 16GB or iPad mini 2 32GB?

My recommendation would be to go for iPad mini 2 32GB.

iPad Air and iPad mini 2 have the same tech specs. 32GB is more valuable and makes your iPad more useful in the long run. In terms of portability, iPad mini 2 trumps the iPad as well. This is my personal opinion. If you prefer a larger screen, an iPad Air will not go wrong.

Go have a try at the Apple store and be your own judge. :)

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