How Long Does Medicaid Last?

Answer by Rolando F. on Mar 3 2014

Meagan, I know in Georgia we have to have a yearly elevation on the ur situation money wise and this is how they either give u Medicaid if you still qualify. This happens yearly and what I do is keep a copy of my last elevation, it saves time and if anything has changed i make changes to the new form. A child is covered until their 18 yrs. of age unless u re-marry or if make too much money and have to much money in resources. Good Luck

how long does it take to switch medicaid from one state to another?

im 6 months prego and i am moving from North Carolina to South Carolina and I need to know how long it is going to take for my medicaid to be switched over. Can anybody help?

You cannot transfer Medicaid between states except for a very few that do honor each other's Medicaid, so that you have to ask your case worker. Normally you have to take up residence in the new state and apply there. Every state funds Medicaid individually.

Why does everyone think medicaid pays their copays?

Doctors are then not paid but told by the state medicaid office to wrte them off! They then have the extra work of billing medicaid which costs them staff time. You are then not as well insured in the eyes of a doctor's office as a 100% medicaid patient!

Why would anyone care if medicaid doesn't pay? As long as it is not coming out of their pocket, a lot of people are fine with not paying.

What is the law concerning Medicaid reimbursement after settling a lawsuit?

Should the Medicaid lien be resolved prior to finalizing and signing the settlement? Should Medicaid be a part of the settlement, providing all medical bills to be reimbursed, and signing off on the final agreement? If it is taken care of after the settlement agreement is reached between plaintiff and defendant, how long would the plaintiff/recipient of the award have to inform Medicaid of the settlement? How long would Medicaid have to respond with the bills they expect to be reimbursed for? Also, do you have any idea how long it takes for your settlement information to show up in Medicaid's system once submitted? Looking specifically for the law in the state of Kentucky. Sources please! For a personal injury lawsuit. I understand that Medicaid has to be paid out of the check before the plaintiff would see the money, I'm just trying to make out the timing. Is there any limit to how long Medicaid has to settle the lien? Etc.

You need to talk to your attorney about what a lien is. Medicaid is going to have to be reimbursed whatever they're owed before you see a dime. You will get whatever is left of the settlement AFTER all medical bills and Medicaid claims are paid, and your attorney will pay these before you get your check.

How long does Medicaid have to bill an estate for reimbursement of expenses?

How long does Medicaid have to bill an estate for reimbursement of expenses?

Section 1917 in the Federal law covers the concept of reimbursement of certain Medicaid expenses. Every state is I believe required to have some sort of estate recovery plan. In New York, the law is clear. Medicaid can obtain a lien on the property almost immediately once the individual passes. There are certain limitations but generally speaking Medicaid tends to have priority over other liens. You most certainly have to have the estate repay it. There are limited circumstances wherein Medicaid won't pursue but it appears in this situation it is already expecting payment.

How long will it take for Medicaid to approve me for braces?

So i live in Salt Lake City Utah, and i go to UOC. I went in for a Free Consultation and they asked what insurance i had, i told them i had Medicaid. So they sent off my mold to medicaid to see how much it would be. And it's been two almost three Weeks, and no call! How long does it take??? If anyone can help I'll give full starts! Thanks :)

It will probably take 30-60 days. You could call the orthodontist and ask them, in their experience, how long it takes to get an answer. Good luck!

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