How Long Does It Take Medicaid To Approve You?

how long does it take for medicare and medicaid to approve a power wheelchair?

I have Medicare as a Primary and Medicaid as a secondary insurance I know medicare only pays 80% and my secondary insurance will pay for the other 80% i am suppose to be getting a new motorized wheelchair Medicare already approved their portion now how long will it take for Medicaid to approve theirs I have been stuck in the house for a couple of months due to not being able to get around I already have a prescription and it was sent to the vendor of all my Equipment yes Medicaid has covered my wheelchairs before but they were always my primary now that I have Medicare Medicaid is my secondary(I've had Medicaid since birth because ive been disabled since birth)

It can take Medicaid several months to approve a power wheelchair. However, in some states Medicaid will not pay for one even with a prescription.

How long will it take medicaid to approve me for braces in NC?

I just had modes, and X rays done to get braces now im waiting on medicaid to approve dentist told me that she really thinks I will get approved!

4 to 8 weeks, you can phone them to speed it up

How long will it take for Medicaid to approve me for braces?

So i live in Salt Lake City Utah, and i go to UOC. I went in for a Free Consultation and they asked what insurance i had, i told them i had Medicaid. So they sent off my mold to medicaid to see how much it would be. And it's been two almost three Weeks, and no call! How long does it take??? If anyone can help I'll give full starts! Thanks :)

It will probably take 30-60 days. You could call the orthodontist and ask them, in their experience, how long it takes to get an answer. Good luck!

How long does it take for medicaid to approve an application?

I am pregnant and applied for medicaid about a month ago and I still havent heard anything from them. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me about how long it will take to hear something.


Here in Texas, they are required to handle every application within 30 calendar days. Because of that, they habitually throw away unhandled applications 25 days into the wait. Sometimes, you have to reapply three, four times, before your application actually gets processed.

Gov't Closing; WIC EBT Medicaid?

Will I still be able to use my WIC vouchers after the government closes down? What about my food stamps? And my daughters Medicaid? She gets her shots on the 14th, and we don't have the money to pay in full and also we're still waiting for Medicaid to approve her formula (a certain type because of her stomach issues) will Medicaid just deny it, or it will it just take longer to get approved?

Those are state administrated programs and are not effected. Federally funded entitlements, including those as well as Social Security, Medicare (Medicare is federal, Medicaid is state) are all under mandatory appropriations, meaning they continue regardless.

Yes, you can continue to use your WIC vouchers, no, your Medicaid will not be denied or delayed because of it. Again, those are state programs, this is a federal shutdown.

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