How Long Can You Claim Qualifying Widower?

How long can I claim a dead spouse ?

My wife died in 2009. I have been told that I can claim her for two years after death. The first year being the year she passed and the next year. Can I claim her in 2010 ???

You were allowed to file a joint return for 2009. If you have a dependent child still living with you, you can file for 2010 and 2011 as a qualifying widower, otherwise you file as single starting this year. In either case, your wife will no longer show on your return.

For my child that lived abroad with my parents, can I claim child tax credit and dependent?

My daughter spent most of the last year with my parents abroad. We did provide support for her living cost. Can we claim her as our dependent? Can we claim child tax credit? Thanks!

The following assumes your child is under 19 or under 24 and a full-time student.

To be your "qualifying child", your child will have had to live with you or your spouse for more than half the year. Therefore, your daughter cannot be your "qualifying child." Because of this, you will not get the Child Tax Credit.

Are your parents US taxpayers? If so, then your child is the "qualifying child" of your parents, since your child did not provide over half of her own support. Your parents may claim her as a dependent and get the Child Tax Credit, even if you supported the child.

If your parents are not US taxpayers, then your child is your "qualifying relative" as long as you have provided over half of her support. You can claim a dependency exemption for her but no credits associated with "qualifying child" such as the Child Tax Credit.

If your spouse died in 2006 can you still file electronically this year?

My Tax software is telling me if your spouse died in 2006 and you filed joint that year, and single this year then you must do a paper return. Is this correct? No dependents, so cannot file qualifying widow(er).

You can e file. Maybe it is just that software program. Did you check to see if you are a qualifying widower. If you are you can file as QW for both 2007 and 2008 as long as you are not remarried.

This year for 2011 taxes can my Aunt file as a qualifying widower with dependents?

Her husband died in 2010 so for her 2010 taxes she filed a married jointly form. But this year she wanted to file as a surviving spouse, but wasn't sure she met the dependency requirements. She has a daughter who lives with her she provides basically all her support. Her daughter is 22 and goes to school part-time. Would my aunt file a single return this year or would she be a qualifying widower with dependents?

ONLY attending school part time and more than 3700 of income for the tax year the answer would have to be NO because she would NOT have a qualifying dependent child on her 1040 income tax return.
When she would NOT be qualified to claim any blood related child on her income tax return she would have to use the single filing status for the 2011 tax year.
Use the search box at the website for Publication 501 (2010), Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information

Exemptions for Dependents

Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 09/01/2011

can i claim my son through EIC as a qualifying child and my father claim him as his dependant?

I live with my parents and so does my son. My father makes too much to be eligible for EIC, but I don't make alot. I want him to be able to claim my son because he does help me out alot financially with him.

You son qualifies as a qualifying child for multiple people, but only one can actually claim him. If you claim the child for EIC, that prevents your dad from claiming him for anything else.

The form 8332 is for special cases and only entitles a non-custodial parent to claim the exemption and child tax credit. It cannot be used with anyone else.

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