How Does Wlan Card Work?

Does my computer work with wireless n?

i have a Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card can this work with a wireless n if this isnt enoguh info tell me what else to p[ut on and were to find it.

Yes, if you have same standard on wireless router and your wireless card it should work.
You can say for standard it is like language, so in your case they wireless router and wireless card speak same language.

More about WLAN standard you can check on

can i remove my dell wireless wlan card to free up disk space?

I've gotten alerts before saying that DELL WIRELESS WLAN CARD HAS STOPPED WORKING. Now my computer says I need to uninstall programs to free up disk space. If I uninstall the wireless WLAN card will my computer still work? I have no idea what the wireless wlan card does.

Friend, never think of this, your Wireless will not work or your laptop will get crashed.

Any different between wlan and wi5?

wifi is considered wireless internet wlan is a wireless network with or without internet attached, you could take a basic wlan card in a laptop to starbucks and receive wifi or you could buy a wifi card from a cellphone company and get wifi anywhere.

Suggests Wireless Fidelity, however, the term Wi-Fi was never supposed to mean anything at all its just a pun on Hi-Fi. Anything that is Wi-Fi just means its WLAN but meets a certain branding standard that lets you use it with other devices from other brands but still use the Wi-Fi certification

Wireless Local Area Network
Any local network that connects wirelessly.

So, when you apply this information, you find that there is not much practical difference when using WLAN or Wi-Fi.

Is " realtek pci e family controller" a wlan card ?

Is it a wlan card ? My laptop toshiba satellite c660 have wifi but dont know which company ! So i want to know that it is a wifi card or not ?

Not enough to know, as Realtek makes LAN, WLAN, and SoundCards.

Why not just download the correct driver from Toshiba's website?

What is the difference between a WWAN card and a WLAN card?

This is in regards to the laptops I'm looking into purchasing -- one has a WWAN card, the other only has a WLAN card. Please explain.

First of all, WWAN means Wireless Wide Area Network, this was a commonly used format of wireless on Windows version that came before Windows 2000 operating system. WLAN is a worldwide wireless format that is used on later operating systems. If the wireless card is built in to the computer, then all you need to do is buy a wireless network adapter & go from there.

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