How Does Wladimir Klitschko Train?

Questions about David Haye vs. Wladimir Klitschko ?

What does Wladimir Klitschko have to do to beat David Haye and what does David Haye have to do to beat Wladimir Klitschko ? Who do you think will win and how will they win ? Who do you think Haye would have more trouble beating........Wladimir or Vitali ? Who do you think would have more trouble beating Haye......Wladimir or Vitali ? Rather than " beating ' I meant to say " fighting '

wladimir must stay calm and pick haye apart. haye does not have good stamina especially now that he has put on around 8kgs of muscle. haye will most likely tire trying to knock wladimir out early, then wladimir can knock him out. haye must pressure wladimir immediately and try to knock him out, this is haye's only chance of victory.

i believe wladimir will win, by knockout.

haye would have more trouble beating vitali, as vitali has a better chin, taller and arguably more skilled than wladimir. (although i think wladimir is soon to pass vitali's skill level.)

wladimir would have more trouble, for the reasons stated above.

Wladimir klitschko is going to fight Sam Peter...Again?

Didn't his brother Vitali destroy Peter? Didn't he (Peter) lose twice to James Toney? Didn't Wladimir klitschko almost knock him out in the last round of the last fight after peter knocked Klitschko down twice? Samuel Peter only has one chance and thats for Wladimir to get really lazy,and that my friends won't happen again.

Sam Peter is 34-3...He lost to Eddie Chambers and both of the Klitschkos. Peter actually has 2 wins over James Toney (a Split Decision and a Unanimous Decision). I would not consider Peter or anyone else for that matter a real threat to Klitschko. Peter is the 8th rated Heavyweight in the World (according to The thing that makes him a very credible opponent for Wladimir (as anyone) is that his loss to Klitschko in 2005 was the closest anyone has been to beating him since then. Wladimir has gotten far better under Emanual Stewart since then but that last match between them still makes this intriging to many who remember Peter knocking Klitschko down 3 times in that fight. He's been untouchable since.

When is Wladimir Klitschko's next fight? ?

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JUNE 20 2009.

Why is Tony Thompson fighting Wladimir Klitschko AGAIN ? Tony Thompson is the guy that fought Wladimir after Wladimir unified belts (beating Sultan Ibragimov), Wladimir knocked Thompson out..

@ Victorious

David Tua

He would lose to either Klit....but hes still a better option with a better punchers chance than hes got stamina for 12 rounds and an iron chin so he would be on Klitschko's a$$ all night making a fight of it

Who hits harder Mike Tyson or Wladimir Klitschko?

Emanuel Steward trained Lennox Lewis and now trains Wladimir and he said Wladimir is the better one punch knockouter. That is immense. And Chris Byrd who faced both Klitschkos said Wladimir hit way harder than his brother!
People forget Tysons main weapon hasn´t only been his power, but his hand speed, punch frequency and great precision also. Tyson knocked his opponents out in spectacular fashion as he risked much more than Wladimir and fought aggressive. Wladimir uses his jab and outboxes his opponents before he finishes them. And I´m from Germany and can tell you that he intentionally waited some more rounds before he KO´d some of his opponents although he could have finsihed it earlier - to earn more money due to every commercial between every round in german TV.
In a direct comparison between Klitschko and Tyson it might be close, but I´d probably go with Wladimir.
Excs my english, I´m german

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