How Does Tumblr Work?

Cool Usernames for Tumblr?

Please help me think of a cool username for Tumblr
just like your yahoo answer name.

or your
or whatever as what as the things that u will put on it.
like. if it's about music.

cannot access tumblr?

yahoo cannot 'find' tumblr

Tumblr is still working for me. =/ Sorry I can't help but it's not ALL of Tumblr that's down. It won't work if you just type in

good/funny tumblrs to follow?

im new to tumblr. are there any really good ones i should follow? my tumblr is : thanks:)

definitely follow

favorite in general:

The funniest:

Best fashion:

Cutest pictures:

Best writing:

Best thoughts:

awesome blog:

You can’t not follow:

Favorite Potter blog:

Most inspirational:

FOLLOW ME TOO: (ill follow back:) )

What happened to Tumblr?

Is it just me or is Tumblr temporarily down? So after school I went to Tumblr, it said : " Oops! Google Chrome could not find". is this happening to anyone else?! I tried going on to Tumblr on different browsers and it had the same results. :c I hope they don't delete Tumblr. I love Tumblr. :c

they said on their twitter that it was down for some networking thing
same thing is happening for me

How do you get tumblr share in your second tumblr?

Yes, my question was how do you get to tumblr share in your second tumblr? I have tumblr share and I want to use it now for my second, but every time I ''clip'' something to my second tumblr, it goes to my queue from my original tumblr( yes I really mark that I want it to my second one!) Does somebody know a other way to get it in my second tumblr queue?

When you go to blog something, it should ask you in a drop down menu which of your blogs you would like to post it to.

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