How Does The Android Beam Work?

How to get S Beam on other android phone ?

I have a samsung Infuse 4g and I'd like to know if there is any way possible to get this feature in my phone .Also I'd like to how to install NFC which is required in order to get S Beam.

no not possible s-voice is only android 4.0 and above and is patched not to work on othr devices

and nfc cannot be installed as it requires an Nfc chip

do ice cream and jelly beam have same apps?

if i purchase ice cream android then will it play jelly beam games and apps

yes, they are two different OS
just like windows 7 and windows 8.
U want the new one coz its faster then the previous and has some added features..
game just needs android and capabable hardware
like Windows game dont work on apple, but windows 7 game works on windows 8

How do you beam pictures from a Google Android phone? G1?

I just got this G1 and I don't know how to beam pictures. With my old phone, the t mobile dash I only had to go to the picture and press menu and then beam picture. The phone has bluetooth. Help !

G1 is not yet able to "beam" pictures and other files, because it lacks bluetooth protocols...(for now only headsets can be connected to phone using bluetooth)
Bluetooth will be fixed in one of next updates....

Difference between WiFi Direct, S Beam, Android Beam, NFC Tapping, Bluetooth and DLNA?

I'm confused! Bought the Galaxy S3 and now I have more than just Bluetooth to transfer files! What do these terms mean? Which one is the fastest?

Mostly bandwidth, and to some degree distances.

NFC tapping is touching phones to exchange data or to acknowledge each other.

Android Beam uses that to transfer data using NFC directly, or in Jellybean use NFC to link devices, but Bluetooth to transfer data. i but is limited to its slow speed and close distance.

WiFi-Direct is connecting two phones over WiFi, directly without a router. S-beam is mostly a Samsung thing, but it uses NFC to initialize communications over WiFi Direct, to directly transfer data very fast.

DLNA is a system to stream content from a device, or what the screen is playing.

Does the Virgin Mobile phone HTC EVO V 4G have the capability to use android beam?

Just wondering so I will be able to use it with my Google nexus 7.

no, the Evo V 4G does NOT have NFC, which is required

no, you can't use beam with your Nexus 7, but you can still transmit via bluetooth, wifi, email, etc.

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