How Does Tbh Work On Facebook?

What does tbh mean on Facebook?

I realize tbh means "to be honest" but when people say like for a tbh, do they mean like "smart, amazing, funny" or a rate? Or is it both sometimes. Like the post was "LMS for a tbh from me & my friennnnd" Like, what is it?

"tbh" = "To be honest" If someone posts that, & you like their status, they are going to tell you what they think about you.

Example: "Like my status for a tbh"
-They then post on your wall: "tbh, you're smart and we should talk more"

What does 'tbh' mean?

I keep seeing it used and it really confuses me

TBH is short hand for "to be honest". it is used on facebook in statuses where the person whose status it is states something honestly specifically for the person who liked the status. Ex. "tbh you are really pretty and we should hang out more often"

Why do ppl post tbh on facebook walls out of nowhere?

Ohkay,so i know what tbh stands for,but i've noticed people will post it on ppl's walls they don't even know.Please fill me in lol do they say something in there status or something?

TBH stands for To Be Honest.

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Do you know what TBH means... ?

Ok sometimes Ill put tbh in things and people get like confused. Or they answer back and it doesn't make sense. Is this just an IM lingo that isn't common at all on other things like facebook/ myspace? Well, yeah I just want to know if I should continue to use it, or if not very many people really know what it means. lol at donut tim

TBH is Instant Messaging lingo for TO BE HONEST.

What does iga stand for in internet slang?

I see young kids write this all the time on facebook using the "tbh" posts .. i wonder what it stands for? I am only 22 and cannot believe that i can't keep up! lol.

Iga -- I gotta admit

Tbh -- To be honest

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